Sugar Glider Other Languages

What do you call a sugar glider in other languages around the world?

It is very interesting to learn how other languages and countries refer to sugar gliders. It is even more fun to search for them around the planet and see what you find. Some languages may not even have a word to refer to animals like that and they might simply call them "rat" in their local language. In most cases though, the common name of "sugar glider" is winning hearts and minds through direct translation.

Here are some references to our favorite pet with links to search and video results to get you discovering.

Language Name Search Links
Latin: Petaurus Breviceps
English: Sugar Glider
Spanish: Petauros del azcar
French: phalanger volant
Italian: petauro dello zucchero
Portuguese: petauros do acar
Slovak: vakoveverka ltav
German: Kurzkopfgleitbeutler
Malay: Buaian gula
Vietnamese: Sc bay
Klingon: Su'ghar qutmey glider
Klingon Kronos:

Last Edited May 27, 2013