Teeth Trimming

Sugar glider teeth DO NOT GROW. Sugar gliders are marsupials and not rodents. Their teeth DO NOT GROW and DO NOT NEED TO BE TRIMMED.

If you were to file, grind or trim the front two teeth, your animal would suffer endless pain probably for the rest of its life and it may even soon die from infection. Trim your own teeth first please before trying it on your little sugar glider.

Please do not subject your little animal to such a procedure. Any vet that would suggest this is obviously not an exotics vet and should be avoided at all costs and probably reported, at least to the community.

Be aware that vets often refer to trimming as floating. A "float" is another name for a file, so floating is filing. Always ask question of your vet. If you do not understand something, ask about it. You are paying them to get exactly what you want and not necessarily always what they think you want.

Healthy teeth should be long and pointy and should look like this.


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Last Edited March 27, 2011