When To Go To The Vet

With the title of being an exotic pet many glider owners think they shouldn't take their glider to the vet when they really should. While most questions of "should I go to the vet" depend case by case. The best thing to ask yourself is:

If your dog or cat were acting the same way, would you take them to the vet?

A few indicators of a glider being sick are lethargy, weight, and diarrhea. These things can go unnoticed, so it's recommended to weigh your gliders once or twice a week. If you notice any rapid weight loss a vet visit is imperative.

Just remember that Sugar Gliders are still not like a domestic animal and because of this they hide there illness so well that by the time you think there is something wrong they could be dieing. It is much better to go to the vet as quickly as possable to save there life than to watch them for a day or two to see if they get any worse. Waiting is not a good idea and could be a death sentence.

The other thing is don't think your vet knows how to treat these aniamls. They are not treated the same way as other domestic animals and there is help out there for the vet. The Healesville Sanctuary Australian Wildlife Health Centre attends to only Australian Native animals and will help your vets with any information they may need.

Tel: 61-3-5957 2829 Fax: 61-3-5957 2860

With this information you could take your Sugar Glider even to a vet who doesn't have the knowledge about these animals

Last Edited March 16, 2008