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Dec 22, 2007

 Ren and Leia sagas

Ren and Leia fight over food like crazy. It's insane how they do it. Leia will grab a piece of food and run around the cage crabbing until she finds somewhere to eat it so after our vacation I'm going to make her a little room out of an oatmeal container or something and see if that helps.

I'm also putting them on ensure again. I feed them a lot more than I feed Stimpy and Trinity (same foods too). I feed them more because while Leia is going on her crabbing fits she drops a lot of the food, but when I watch they eat all of it. They pull the food through the cracks and eat it. I've never seen a pet gorge themselves so much. Leia and ren will eat so much their belly will be three times the normal size. So I'm going to start giving them ensure since when I did they didn't fight.

I'm going to look for other drinks like ensure with less iron. It seems all the diets (Ensure, BML, maybe HPW) have high iron content in them. I can assume piedasure will have more in it, and it might come down to us having to make some for them. We have wheat germ and I can make something similar to the BML with more natural sugars and less iron (Which is taking out the baby cereal and yogurts). But what would I mix, I know someone went around preaching about wheat germ but that was all pulled out of his butt from what I actually read when i did my own researching.

I'll be sure to post more as I continue on.


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