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The day I got Neo posted in my livejournal.

Sep 17, 2006

 The day I got Neo posted in my livejournal.

I told Timothy about sugar gliders the other day,a nd we started searching for one. No pet shop in Jackson or Memphis had one, so we finally found a website that had one, this lady lived in Eagleville...she said that another woman who worked for her could come bring it to us next weekend, but we are going to be camping, so we offered to drive... she said it would be quicker to go to the Nashville state fair, where they were selling them. So I drove to Nashville with very little guidance from my significant other. It was fun, I was scared to, but it wasn't half as bad as Louiseville. So, now we have a beautiful little sugar glider, and until we live together, Timothy has primary custody- when he goes out of town, and when Tim stays the night with me, I'll have him. We named him Neo after the Matrix, we were going to name him Constantine, but it was just such a large name for such a little dude. He's so cute He was crawling on the edge of the cage and I handed him a bit of apple about the size of his paw, and he took it out of my hand with one of his, and hung on the cage and ate it one handed.


Oct 25 2007 : 05:01:30 PM
Oh thats a cute story now I'm going to make me a journal about my gliders!! Well you sound like you are made for each other!! lol!! :)

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