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Feb 25, 2017

 Is biting normal?

So are gliders do bite us lots it hurts most times and can draw blood I dont know if this is just a phase or what should we do? And will that ever stop?

Jan 25, 2017

 Are harness' okay for gliders

okay so we are quite new to the glider thing we got our gliders on the 19 of dec 2016 but we don't know if harness' are okay to use because some videos say no it will tare stuff or yes so its hard to know.
thanks in advance!!! B)
Dec 24, 2016

 Bonding pouch???

I know to bond with the sugar bears you do have to play with them but when you put them in the bonding pouch do you have to put your hand in with them or not?? i was really confused about that.

- thanks for you help
p.s. questions that arent good or bad are green
Dec 24, 2016

 Daisy Needs Her Nails done

So Daisy has really long nails and gets caught on everything and we need a simple way to trim her nails. She doesn't go on her wheel because before we got her, the owner told us she had gotten her tail stuck in the wheel so she doesn't use it anymore. P.S. we also tried to trim her nails with nail clippers but that didn't work.
Any suggestions?

Dec 24, 2016

 Im not sure what to do?

I have quite a few Australian finches (the gliders eat finches) and i have seen a website that say if you play with cat toys they will want to eat the birds more. sooo does any one know if it true or not?

On a brighter note i just got mini Santa hats for Rosie Cozy and Daisy as well as stockings they are super cute <333
BTW: from now on bad news is maroon and good news is teal.

Dec 23, 2016

 funny pic

Dec 23, 2016

 Im not sure what to do

So today i was reading some journals and Brendont says pocket pets is unreliable and basically sucks but getting to the point i use pocket pets for all my info and ideas. so i dont know if i should go some where else????

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