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May 3, 2017


Ok so I just fed my sugar Glider SEASONED CHICKEN. I realised that this was not ok and needed to get it out fast.I pulled it out but some was eaten. What should I do? Another problem is my mom wants to give my sugar gliders PELLETS!!! I said no they don't give enough nutritional value. Please send me some easy recipes so I can feed my sugar gliders healthy and easy without my mom getting angry. (I have Rep-Cal for my vitamin supplement.)


May 03 2017 : 09:33:11 PM
defiantly no more seasoned stuff. As far as pellets go I give my glider dry pellets among other things. For example tonight he got 20 pellets,mango,broccoli,carrots and yogurt treats. Last night he got - Pellets , grapes, broccoli and calcium sprinkled on his food.

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