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Aug 26, 2018

 My beloved sugar glider missing

I think in cursed or something. This past weeks are disaster. First my new male sugar glider went missing and never found. And yesterday i notice that i didnt feel my jolly (my 7 month suggie i have her since she was 1,5 old) present in my room.... but I didnt think to much of it cause its her sleeping time. But today when i woke up I didnt feel and heard her presence to. I went panicking. I just cried cried and cried while searching all over my room. But shes not there. I live in an apartment and yesterday I didnt even open my windows because the ac is all day. Im so confused of where she is..... i just keep on crying nin stop since this morning and im just si worried and paranoid. I cant imagine if i cant see her again. Shes my best friend shes my everything. I put her cage outside my room incase she went outside and i put her food and my used clothes in thr cage and i open the cage door hoping that shell get in the cage.... guys what should i do...? Im just so devastated....pls help.....

Aug 25, 2018

 HELP ! My joey sugar glider acting weird !

I just adopt a new male sugar glider. Hes a joey. 1,5 month old. So so young and small. Hes been acting strange. I put him in his pouch and cage alone because my female sg jolly bite him once. He thought that jolly is his mother and try to climb on her and she doesnt like it. Jollys usually very kind but she really hates it when he does that. I dont want to take any risk so i never put them together if im not around. So the problem is my joey sugar glider eats alot that it looks like its not normal. He chew it like crazy. Fast. And he just wont stop. He have a small boddy but hea tummy kind of big. When i put him on the cage he search for food. He even bites the tissue that i put in the cage. He eats sg baby food and tomatos and melon yet he act like i never give him food... i even fet him 3 times a day. And weirdly sometimes hes poop are watery and sometimes normal..... is he stressed ? It havent been 1 week since i adopt him. Is he still adapting or something? And btw hes poop and pee smells bad. But people tells me that male sg does have smelly poop and pee. Your opinion will be so much appreciated. Thank you
Aug 21, 2018

 HELP ! Combining my fem suggie with male joey suggie

So i just adopt a male sugar glider. And surprisingly when it reach me and i open the pouch i was really really small. The seller said it was 1,5 month old. The condition of the suggie is not that good either. His fur was kind of dirty and stiky and there was like some loose fur. But hes food appetite are high and he can drink on his own so in not so concern.

So i have an older sugar glider. Jolly around 7 month old. Shes usually a very kind suggie and like her name shes always so happy and excited. But sometimes shes to exited that its scares me to combine jolly and the new joey. Cause their size differences are quite a lot.

At first night I didnt combine them. But at the second night jolly was so insisting to go to my joey cage and to his pouch. So i let her in and she snuggle with him. Sometimes i hear hissing sound. And when I checked it was jolly being annoyed by the new suggie because it was always licking jolly face. And when their both awake i cant let them be together because the joey alyways want to climb jollys back and jolly always hiss and sometime like playfully attack him.

My concern this mornig was the new suggie have like a dry scar near his nose. Not a big one its small but still a scar. But last night they sleep just fine ? Is it by accident? Because i never cut jollys nails. Is he going to be okay ? And about the fur. Some of his fur are sticking out . Thats okay right ? And hes genital seems to be out most of the time. Thats common for male suggies right ? And do you think I should still combine them when their in the pouch ? Thank youu

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