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My beloved sugar glider missing

Aug 26, 2018

 My beloved sugar glider missing

I think in cursed or something. This past weeks are disaster. First my new male sugar glider went missing and never found. And yesterday i notice that i didnt feel my jolly (my 7 month suggie i have her since she was 1,5 old) present in my room.... but I didnt think to much of it cause its her sleeping time. But today when i woke up I didnt feel and heard her presence to. I went panicking. I just cried cried and cried while searching all over my room. But shes not there. I live in an apartment and yesterday I didnt even open my windows because the ac is all day. Im so confused of where she is..... i just keep on crying nin stop since this morning and im just si worried and paranoid. I cant imagine if i cant see her again. Shes my best friend shes my everything. I put her cage outside my room incase she went outside and i put her food and my used clothes in thr cage and i open the cage door hoping that shell get in the cage.... guys what should i do...? Im just so devastated....pls help.....


Sep 04 2018 : 09:58:33 AM
I've had the same thing happen with crested geckos, which are smaller, but fast moving nocturnal climbers like gliders. I used to put out a favourite food and water for them. At least that way if they find the food they will survive longer until you can find them. Put the food and water in a glider kitchen, that way if you find them there, they're easier to catch. Check every nook and cranny, think if you were a scared glider, where would you hide? I once found a gecko between the cushions of a couch, surrounded by sleeping cats! Good luck and I hope you find your little one.

Sep 01 2018 : 10:49:52 PM
sorry I cant help you. gliders are scavengers, searchers at night. curiosity. so whenever I'm not there to keep an eye on them, even thought I made a gliders safe room, I put them away in cage. this is best. I wish you good luck.

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