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Nail trimming help please

Dec 7, 2021

 Nail trimming help please

So according to the internet i need to trim my suggies nails, but since they're recently adopted, they aren't really bonding with me and I'm having a really hard time keeping them still while trimming. I tried treats, and the nail trimming pouch and still not successful. Any tips?


Mar 02 2022 : 02:24:38 PM
I would recommend getting a wheel off of exotic nutrition. They have excellent wheels. Along with the wheel buy the sand paper attachment to trim nails. I would also get the sandpaper branches to put in various spots in the cage. Still get them out and check their nails daily to make sure they are not getting too filed down which could create problems. If they start to get too short then just take the wheel out for 1-3 weeks. 😁😁

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