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Nippy glider

Dec 7, 2021

 Nippy glider

So i just adopted 2 gliders, and I'm really new at this. One of them, the female one named kona keeps on nipping me for no reason. I take care of her a lot so i keep getting nipped, but when others take her, she doesnt nip at them. Does she hate me or something?#129402;


Dec 09 2021 : 09:36:26 AM
Sugar Gliders are very sensitive little animals, You've probably done nothing wrong. Keep in mind they have no idea who you are or why you've just entered your life. if you were being picked up and poked and prodded and talked to by a giant, you might bite them too, wouldn't you??? this is part of the process of getting to know your gliders and your gliders getting to know you. One of my gliders, who is by far the most in love with me, will occasionally put her teeth on my fingers if I'm bugging her too much or if I smell like a food she wants. However she removes her mouth almost instantly and usually will lick my finger as if she's apologizing. in all honesty, they probably don't like you very much right now! but that's OKAY. Nobodies gliders like them at first!!! take it s l o w remember that you don't speak their language, they don't speak yours. Scent bonding is a very helpful thing, too. wear a t-shirt they won't easily get their nails snagged on, and maybe wear it all day then sleep in it too. Then drape it over their cage or put it by a heat rock or something. leave it there for a few days while you bond. They will get used to how you smell and who you are. it just takes time and is the most masterful lesson in patience you'll ever receive.

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