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Oct 11, 2022

 Extra food

I have a lot of extra food that I not longer need. I have complete diet pellets, HPW powder, dehydrated fruits and veggies and some hpw paste. Please let me know if anyone is interested in it.

Sep 11, 2022

 Glider death

My sugar bear, Mushu, died unexpectedly last night. I would like to have his body cremated. Does anyone know how much that costs? Also how do you cope with this? I don't know if I should clean out his cage or not or what to do with his toys. He didn't have a cage mate as he didn't get along well with others
Feb 25, 2021

 Mushu's accident

2/24/22: so last night my little boy, Mushu, got a string from his fleece bonding pouch wrapped around his foot. I saw it when I woke him up for dinner and immediately cuz it off and removed all string. His foot was red and swollen and bleeding a little bit and he couldn't walk on it. I watched him for around an hour or so and he didn't seem to mess with it. I took him to an emergency vet just to make sure everything was okay. They gave him meloxicam. .5ml every 24 hours. Today he began to chew on his foot continuously in the afternoon. I made him an e-collar and he freaks out trying to get it off. But I'm curious as to what I can do to help him sleep or make him more comfortable. Can I give him some at home medicine to calm him down? And does his diet need to change during this healing process? He's on the BML diet.
2/25/21 update: I took Mushu to the vet and they prescribed him gabapentin for pain relief and minor sedation. They do not know if he will ever regaining full control of his foot. The redness is gone but the swelling is still present however he can't move his toes enough to grip anything at all but it has only been 2 days since his accident. I am looking for ways to help him exercise since he can't climb because of his foot and the cone he tends to fall. Does anyone have any suggestions to help him exercise, that would be e-collar friendly of course. He is confined to a box that he can not climb in as opposed to his large cage so he doesn't get hurt. I do let him run around on my living room floor while I watch him. He really wants to climb and I let him on me so that I can help him if he gets stuck or starts to fall. I also sit on the ground on a soft blanket so if he falls he won't get hurt. Any suggestions would be appreciated and sorry for the long post!

03/10 update: so I left mushu at home for the first time today while I was at work. When I got home and checked on him he had figured out how to get out of his cone! I immediately checked his foot and it doesn't look like he has been messing with it at all. He has a tiny sore on his neck from the cone but it looks like it was older and has almost already healed and all the fur is missing there. I put him in his big cage so he could run and play and he is so happy to be moving freely! This is a trail run with him and ill be checking on him every 30 mins to make sure he hasn't started messing with his foot again. Keep your fingers crossed the cone doesn't have to go back on!!
Dec 21, 2020

 Cage cleaning

I Am looking for ways to keep my glider cages cleaner. I have a boy and a girl both in separate cages but they are right next to each other. I keep them separate because the girl is still young and small. I am looking for new ways to keep these cages clean. I have bins under their cages with some wood shavings in them, but I was wondering if anyone knew how to keep the cage cleaner or had any ideas I could try. I wipe down the cages every one to two weeks with some dawn dish soap and some water. the smell can become overwhelming and since they live in my bedroom, I am trying to keep the smell down. has anyone tried laying a fleece blanket or anything like that on the floor and washing it every few days? Thanks! :)

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