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Cage cleaning

Dec 21, 2020

 Cage cleaning

I Am looking for ways to keep my glider cages cleaner. I have a boy and a girl both in separate cages but they are right next to each other. I keep them separate because the girl is still young and small. I am looking for new ways to keep these cages clean. I have bins under their cages with some wood shavings in them, but I was wondering if anyone knew how to keep the cage cleaner or had any ideas I could try. I wipe down the cages every one to two weeks with some dawn dish soap and some water. the smell can become overwhelming and since they live in my bedroom, I am trying to keep the smell down. has anyone tried laying a fleece blanket or anything like that on the floor and washing it every few days? Thanks! :)


Jan 06 2021 : 09:07:38 AM
Hello! Do you have cage covers on your cages? That can help keep the smell contained as well as keep the suggies warmer from drafts. Beyond that, I use newspaper in the bottom of my cage and change it out regularly, as well as changing out and washing their toys.

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