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Last Night Was Cold!!!

Jan 2, 2008

 Last Night Was Cold!!!

Our furnace went out last night. It was 7 degrees outside with very high winds. It got down to 52 in our house. I gave the suggies extra fleece blankets in their sleeping pouches and they kept toasty warm. I dont think they came out to play much, tho - their cage felt icy cold. I also heated their food and got them up to eat while it was warm.

Our 5 dogs got extra blankets and they all cuddled together and kept warm.

We still had electricity, but only one little electric heater - which had to go on our cockatoo, Sammi.

We will be purchasing a couple more small heaters as WE were very cold last night. But all the animals were warm!!!!

Anyway - Im off to bed early as I didnt get much sleep last night and had to go to work today. I took a couple of hours off work - Our furnace has been fixed and the house is toasty warm again.


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