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Separating Miss Tosca

Feb 22, 2008

 Separating Miss Tosca

This morning, I had to get out my little hospital cage and separate Tosca from Tilly and Weasel. NOT because she is sick or injured, but because she was being totally obnoxious with Weasel.

There was a lot of commotion in the cage last night, but not "fighting" so I didnt get up to see what was going on. This morning, the noise STILL happening so I sat and observed them.

Tosca has decided she is going to "mate" with Weasel. Weasel doesnt return those feelings. Tosca would not leave her alone. If Weasel stopped for a split second, Tosca was on her - biting her neck and humping. Weasel was beside herself. Tosca chased her around the cage and just would not leave her alone. Tosca was being VERY aggressive about it. Weasel was doing a lot of loud hissing and fussing.

Since I had to work today, and could not be there to supervise them, I felt it best to separate them so no one got hurt. I could just see it escalating into a huge fight and my coming home to one of them injured.After recently viewing some pictures of mating wounds - I didnt want to take any chances.

Poor little Tilly, who is mindlessly happy, was just running on her wheel having a grand time, oblivious to all going on around her.

If this is what happens when suggies mate, how do you all stand it???


Mar 26 2008 : 06:27:13 PM
Jeez, that has to be rough. They're both females right?? Is she trying to show her whos the boss?? And Weasel is not letting her be the boss? I wonder.... Update when you can!

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