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Oct 1, 2018

 Another set of girls for the colony

So far it's been an even number of boys and girls in the pins.. trying to get them all to get along has been A NIGHTMARE... So I wound up with 2 more females to throw in the bunch (so to speak). After the quarantine period im hoping the girls will take right to Dillon and flutter and at least one set of these lil critters will get together and start a colony instead of having a bunch of pairs. To many cages to keep up on. Hopefully when Allium and Finnley will see how much fun the are having they will want to join in... I'm pretty sure the old folks (punkin and Henry) are not willing to let anymore into Thier cage, they like it the way it is. Always been just them for 6 years and they are not trying to share Thier pin with a bunch of teenagers lol.

Sep 28, 2018

 Picky picky picky...


I most certainly have the most picky 6 pack of gliders in the history of gliders.... won't eat this or that.. but really WILL eat it just as long as you DONT cut it up, freeze it, freeze dry it, let it get to warm, let it touch any of the other food on the plate and add some yogurt...
Is like having a house full of 5 OZ. TWO YEAR OLDS at dinner time around here... :-)
One day they won't touch the food because the juice from the raspberries touched the peas and the next night they won't eat anything BUT the raspberries, it's GREAT!!
These guys find a new way to crack me up every single night and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!
Sep 17, 2018

 None of them are what I would call friends

I Have a total of 6 gliders now. All rescues. Got a pair then 1 then another then another pair.. I have successfully gotten the 2 single gliders together as a pair pretty easily, male and female, only a few months apart in age. So I have been trying for about 5 months now to get them all into one single colony because we built a huge, walk in cage into my house for them all to be in. THIS IS NOT WORKING OUT. I have 2 cages inside the walk in cage and I rotate who's running in the big enclosure and who's in witch cage BUT... They all seem to hate each other. The oldest pair are 5ish (Punkin and Henry), they seem to be VICIOUS twords all of the others, will attack thru the cage bars weather they are in the cage or on it, they will chase the others down even in unfamiliar territory and start a fight to the point that I have to physically seperate them from balling up... now, I have discovered that if I only put the male (Henry) with the others it goes way smoother but if I only put the female in she attacks so that tells me that SHE is the aggressor...
Now if I put the other pair in (2 years old Finnley and allium), it's usually the male (Finnley) that is the aggressor, but they both will be ok if everyone is sleeping..... once they are awake the fight is on..
The youngest pair (1 & 1/12 Dillon and Flutter) are the only ones that actually want to play with everyone. Poor Dillon has a chunk of fur missing from his head because he was asleep in the banana pouch and punkin (Henrys wife) reached thru the cage and grabbed him up and tried to rip him thru the cage bars. Im Glad I was there because I'm afraid she would have killed him that day. I have thought about separating one pair at a time and seeing if they will just miss each other so bad that they'll be willing to deal with the others out of sheer loneliness.... anyone tried this and have you had any luck if so..?
Sep 14, 2018

 dried fruit..... what's on it?

So I buy the dried fruits from various well known and trusted online vendors. It is expensive and I still have to buy all of this fresh fruit all the time to feed my 6 fuzzbutts, so I decided to buy a dehydrator and "save" the soon to be bad fruits and veggies, thinking that I might be able to save myself some money..
Well, this has HAS NOT worked out in my favor at all. My babes wont TOUCH any of it. Sniff it and turn thier little noses up at it.
So I am sitting here studying the visual differences in "THIERS" and "MINE" and I am seeing this sugary coating of some sort on the outside of them. I also am noticing that theirs are a different texture , more of a GUMMY BEAR feel then dried fruit... so now I am 2ondering if I just really suck at dehydrating food or if what I am buying is modified in some way..
I also thi k this about YOGURT DROPS.. I am pretty sure they are flavored vanilla chips because I have tried every recipe I can find and mine still AREN'T shaped like a chocolate chip AT ALL...
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