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dried fruit..... what's on it?

Sep 14, 2018

 dried fruit..... what's on it?

So I buy the dried fruits from various well known and trusted online vendors. It is expensive and I still have to buy all of this fresh fruit all the time to feed my 6 fuzzbutts, so I decided to buy a dehydrator and "save" the soon to be bad fruits and veggies, thinking that I might be able to save myself some money..
Well, this has HAS NOT worked out in my favor at all. My babes wont TOUCH any of it. Sniff it and turn thier little noses up at it.
So I am sitting here studying the visual differences in "THIERS" and "MINE" and I am seeing this sugary coating of some sort on the outside of them. I also am noticing that theirs are a different texture , more of a GUMMY BEAR feel then dried fruit... so now I am 2ondering if I just really suck at dehydrating food or if what I am buying is modified in some way..
I also thi k this about YOGURT DROPS.. I am pretty sure they are flavored vanilla chips because I have tried every recipe I can find and mine still AREN'T shaped like a chocolate chip AT ALL...


Sep 16 2018 : 12:30:59 PM
I think that you might want to check the ingredients on the package of the dried fruits you are buying. Most add sugar and preservatives. The only kind of dried fruit that I have found that is actually all natural is "Just Mango" from Trader Joe's. We buy it for our Macau but the gliders won't touch it. They also won't eat frozen fruit, only fresh but they love frozen veggies. The you hurt drops that you get from exotic nutrition are a rip off in my opinion and have the same ingredients as white chocolate chips. Since there technically isn't any real chocolate in them. I have read that the Gerber baby yougurt puffs are ok as a treat but haven't tried them myself. All gliders are different and have individual tastes just like kids so even if they won't eat something this week, they may like it next week. Keep trying different textures. One of my fuzbutts loves crunchy food, carrotss, celery, snap peas, my ears and toes, etc. The other likes mushy foods mostly but will eat celery. I know that both my boys like juicy wet food and that makes sense since they get most of their hydration from their food.

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