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Sep 5, 2021

 Please help Glider nail trimming

So Ive recently come across a handful of people on here with nail trimming and I wanted to know what the easiest way to trim nails is when both my gliders bite at anything to do with their nails and instantly jerk their hands away if I try

Ive seen a website called like gliders r us or something like that and they have a nail grinder for gliders any thoughts and ideas on that please help my girl keeps getting stuck

Jan 17, 2021

 Pairing gliders help

So, I have a pair of gliders that have been together for a wile now there both one year old and there a male female pair and the male is neutered
Ive had both about a year
But recently I found another little one and was thinking of expanding my colony by one male glider of corse Im going to neuter him before anything but Id like some advice on colony

Is it safe to get another male or should I wait and get a male and female pair to add to the colony
Really appreciate your advice
Thank you
Jan 14, 2021

 Neutered male messing with female please help

I have a 1 year old neutered male named Smoke and a female named Amoreena whos a month or so younger but still a year old

But theyve been living together with mostly no problems till these past few weeks Smoke is constantly trying to lift her tail and lick her parts and she hisses at him and sometimes does like a small crab and trys to hop away but sometimes he follows her and I separate them to let the poor girl eat in peace but after I put him back in he goes at it again and she sounds upset that hes doing this and I dont know what to do or how to help

So I would really appreciate any ideas

And sorry if I didnt do this right Im new here

Also Ive had my gliders for a wile now they are both bonded to me Amoreena even escapes to my hoodie sleeve when she doesnt want to deal with Smoke

I hope theres a way to help them I love them both so much and want them to get along

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