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Please help Glider nail trimming

Sep 5, 2021

 Please help Glider nail trimming

So Ive recently come across a handful of people on here with nail trimming and I wanted to know what the easiest way to trim nails is when both my gliders bite at anything to do with their nails and instantly jerk their hands away if I try

Ive seen a website called like gliders r us or something like that and they have a nail grinder for gliders any thoughts and ideas on that please help my girl keeps getting stuck


Sep 10 2021 : 01:11:24 AM
put them in their pouch with a treat to distract their mouths (one glider at a time) grab a hand and hold it by the arm rather than the wrist or hand because when they resist they could dislocate a joint or pull something. then clip. be sure to go along the way their nails no, if u try to trim it flat like our nails youll crush it. good luck!

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