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Jan 19, 2021

 Unneutered male sugar gliders

Hi! I have two unneutered sugar gliders. They have been living together with no much problems but these few days, the elder one started to make sexual advances to the younger male. I'm not sure if it's the right word but he keeps humping on the younger one when he's trying to sleep.

I'm thinking of bringing them both to neuter but due to the corona virus, I couldn't travel out of my district. I've separated them into different cages currently but I put the cages next to each other so that they won't feel lonely at night.

Before anything, when I bought the first sugar glider, I didn't know it was a male. I bought it thinking it was female. Yes, I got scammed.

Can anyone tell me which way of neuter is better and the side effects? How to take care of them after neutering them? Is it okay to neuter both of them together? Is the way I'm separating them okay? Please give me some advices. I'm scared I'm doing something wrong.

Mar 31, 2020

 Sugar glider roaming

I had 2 sugar gliders for almost a year already.

Yesterday morning, my mum woke me up in the morning saying something about something knocking on the door. I was still blur with sleep, went outside of the house with my mum. I saw a sugar glider running on the floor. After much hardships, we finally caught the sugar glider, thinking one of my sugar glider escaped from the cage and ran out when my mum opened the door.

I tried to put it on my body but it jumped to the floor. This raise the first alarm as my sugar gliders will stay on my body if i'm standing, unless when i sit down, they will take it as a permission to go on the floor. I managed to catch it back and bring it to the cage asap. To my surprise, both my sugar gliders were sleeping soundly in their pouch.

[Before anything, I do recognized my sugar gliders. It just that I was in panic state thinking my 2nd sugar glider escaped and I couldn't see any sign of my 1st sugar glider. And as far as I know, I'm the only person who have sugar glider in my neighbourhood as I don't see signs of cages for sugar glider.]

The sugar glider isn't mine. I'm confused. We managed to find a box and tried to make holes with it. We planned to ask around my neighbourhood later. But it managed to escaped again. This time, it totally went somewhere I couldn't see and we missed it. I'm worried of her safety. I placed some yogurt drops in front of my house but it's there the whole day.

From what I seen, the sugar glider looks skinny. I don't know if she escaped herself or her owner let her out. I'm afraid that the stray dogs and cats might hurt her. I'll try to put some food outside tomorrow morning and see if she eats it.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but is there any ways that I can lure it back to my house?? I'm really worried for her safety. Hope to get a reply soon.
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