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Unneutered male sugar gliders

Jan 19, 2021

 Unneutered male sugar gliders

Hi! I have two unneutered sugar gliders. They have been living together with no much problems but these few days, the elder one started to make sexual advances to the younger male. I'm not sure if it's the right word but he keeps humping on the younger one when he's trying to sleep.

I'm thinking of bringing them both to neuter but due to the corona virus, I couldn't travel out of my district. I've separated them into different cages currently but I put the cages next to each other so that they won't feel lonely at night.

Before anything, when I bought the first sugar glider, I didn't know it was a male. I bought it thinking it was female. Yes, I got scammed.

Can anyone tell me which way of neuter is better and the side effects? How to take care of them after neutering them? Is it okay to neuter both of them together? Is the way I'm separating them okay? Please give me some advices. I'm scared I'm doing something wrong.


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