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#5 meets the world and Katja has twins

Apr 19, 1998

 #5 meets the world and Katja has twins

Tax Time! I have been so dang busy the last few weeks that I have neglected adding to this log. I JUST got back from the post office to drop off my taxes. Whew... My second baby, or #5 as I call her, has grown so much the last few weeks. She has a very different personality than all of the rest. Katja loves to crawl into my shirt and find a warm and safe place to watch the world from whereas #5 specifically does not like that. Katja has never once crabbed at me, whereas #5 will easily. Speaking of Katja; she is now a mother with a set of twins fresh in the pouch. I guess my new-arrival male, Spencer, has been doing his homework. It is nice to know that Katja is now of-age and it will be very interesting to watch her being a new mother.


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