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Mar 27, 2020

 types of bites and covid

Hey y'all, I wanted to clarify types of aggression for the new glider owners. The first one I am going to start with it a bluff. A bluff is where the glider gets upset and acts like its going to bite, but never does. The second is a "tag". This is when the glider bites for a quick second then lets go; they do this out of fear, anxiety, aggression, or just to say they want to be let alone. The last is what I call the "bully". This is when the glider will bite and not let go. Sometimes it will even draw blood. This occurs when a glider will bully you around and not let you do the necessary actions. Hope this helped someone!!

Now on covid 19 I hope y'all are distancing yourself and washing hands. A quick tip; if you wear gloves you need to be sure not to touch your face with them one, don't eat food with them 2, and 3 don't wear them in your car if you wore them inside a store and didn't change them. You might think this will lower the chances of you getting the illness, your actually increasing it by bringing all the bacteria into your car or on your face. Does anyone know if a glider can get it? Ive tried to look it up but it doesn't say? stay safe!

Mar 23, 2020

 Two rescue gliders

I just got two new gliders (male and female) from a family that no longer took care of them. I renamed them Chilli (male) and Tobasco (female). Chilli is great and he loves to play with my sugar baby Spice, but Tobasco is very aggressive. When I first got Spice she was more than the average aggressive so I thought I could help Tobasco in some way. After every time I failed in my attempt I started to realize that maybe she was so used to neglect that she doesn't feel safe anymore. No matter what I will keep trying and not give up. I will make sure to keep y'all informed!
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