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Two rescue gliders

Mar 23, 2020

 Two rescue gliders

I just got two new gliders (male and female) from a family that no longer took care of them. I renamed them Chilli (male) and Tobasco (female). Chilli is great and he loves to play with my sugar baby Spice, but Tobasco is very aggressive. When I first got Spice she was more than the average aggressive so I thought I could help Tobasco in some way. After every time I failed in my attempt I started to realize that maybe she was so used to neglect that she doesn't feel safe anymore. No matter what I will keep trying and not give up. I will make sure to keep y'all informed!


Mar 24 2020 : 05:30:16 PM
some glider can take a very long time to tame, and adjust their behavior in very small steps. I have had two females that would ONLY tolerate human interaction and just always prefered staying away from us, although they did stop most crabbing and biting, they would come for treats then go away.... time(sometimes MONTHS) and patience ....good luck

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