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Chrochet a pouch!

Oct 24, 2009

 Chrochet a pouch!

I've learned how to chrochet a pouch for my suggie bears! It's actually quite basic :) I can make one in about 1-2 hours depending on what mood i'm in... The day I was going to go get my glider's I made like five because I was so excited! LOL. I just have to line the inside so their nails don't snag. I love how I can pick the colors... I even chrocheted a few flowers to decorate the outside!


Oct 25 2009 : 08:10:01 PM
Hmmn, I never thought of that! Great Idea ;) I'll post pictures soon.

Oct 25 2009 : 12:04:35 PM
You can get fleece to crochet, I believe...OR you could cut fleece into long, thin strips to crochet, so that nails will not get snagged. Be sure to show us some pics when you get one done! Sounds neat!

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