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Is it Rude to Pick Favorites?

Oct 29, 2009

 Is it Rude to Pick Favorites?

I give an equal amount of attention to each of my suggies. (of course one will get an extra treat here/there) And I was wondering this morning if it's rude to pick a favorite. Neither of them is really my favorite forever, just until it bites me, and then the other's my favorite. -And then when that one bite's me the other's my favorite again, lol. (My suggies don't actually bite, just using that as an example.)


Dec 31 2009 : 11:32:25 AM
Suggiemom, thats so sweet... :) I can see how a bond can grow throughout all of that.

Dec 30 2009 : 10:27:28 PM
I know I have a favorite. If someone told me I could keep only one of my gliders, it would be Roo. He's my $1000 rescue and worth every penny! I got him from someone who got him from PPP. He was about a month OOP when he came to me and weighed 22 grams. He was so skinny and sick with two bacterias and was parasite infected. It took me three months to get him healthy. I fed him every hour for six weeks. When he started solids, he got avocado, mealies and vanilla ensure until he was 9 months, at which time he FINALLY made it to 76 grams and could be neutered. Three months after neuter, his genitalia got stuck in his fur. He had to have a partial genitalia amputation. Six weeks after that, he had to have another partial genitalia amputation on the other fork! He was in an ecollar for a month. The only way he would eat or drink, was if I hand fed him and held the water bottle. The only way he would sleep was under my shirt, over my heart, with me petting him. You just can't go through that much with a glider and not become extremely attached to them. I love all of my babies, whether they live with me or in another home, but Roo is my BABY!

Oct 30 2009 : 08:13:15 PM
i dont think it is. because really, you can nevr have a favorite when u have sugar gliders!!lol

Oct 29 2009 : 09:36:07 PM
Roxy and Stormys mamma
I dont think it is cuz Roxy is my favorite out of my two. she is always playing with me and hardly bites me. she likes being around me than the other one. the other one, stormy, doesnt really like me so no its not cant help it lol

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