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Sugar Glider Rescue Map

Aug 7, 2013

 Sugar Glider Rescue Map

The Sugar Glider Rescue Map
This map was put together to make it easier to find rescues near you that may have sugar gliders. A resource that will help give good gliders forever homes. On that note I would like to address the fallacy that older gliders do not make good pets because they are past bonding years. Older gliders do make great pets just as joeys can except you skip the "terrible two's" stage when you adopt a glider past it's joey years. You will also miss out on getting them use to humans, being away from their parents, and probably having to do introductions! Even though these guys are advanced in age they have their own personalities, go check them out at your local rescue and see if they are a good fit.

You might also try:
Craigslist in both the Community and For Sale Section
Rescue Me Forum on GC or
My Pet Needs a New Home on here.


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