suggie pie, edited again..
Total Weight: 483.6 g
Total Volume: 0 mL
Created On: 12/17/2016 12:39:17 PM
Last Modified: 12/17/2016 2:50:24 PM

READ ME... UPDATE: I am using rice flour and 1 a tsp of calcium to make it close to 2:1 ratio of Ca and P, add the calcium to pureed strawberries for filling instead of just chopped strawberries,I also added more honey as the recipe makes alot of dough for a big pie. look below for recipe... A pie/tart for a suggie, I honestly don't know the volume. First add honey and rice flour, add water slowly until like a dough, get a tart/pie pan, big enough to hold all/most of the dough, bake in oven at 350 until brown, add pureed strawberries, bake until strawberries are more solid like pie filling. ONLY FEED A VERY THIN SLICE AS A TREAT AND WAIT FOR IT TO COOL, this recipe is perfect for large colonies or people who breed suggies since this makes ALOT of servings. If you don't have a large colony, store in the fridge. this isn't a main food but a occasional treat, do not feed all the time! If you don't have honey use something safe to sweeten it, if you want and you have some, melt a few carob chips ment for sugar glider treats or if you know that brand is safe and only has carob and little sugar, add that to the dough, maybe even drizzle some on top for a "chocolate strawberry pie". this makes tons of servings and is cheap so you could probably sell or give to some friend for their sugar gliders. This also makes a great birthday "cake". You can also make this smaller by using smaller portions and use a tiny tartlet pan ment for chocolates and other sweets. You could probably find them at michael's/hobby lobby though i haven't been there for quite a while... you could get them at bed bath and beyond's website and search this: Fat Daddio's ProSeries Mini Tartlet Pans, there is a 20 pack, they also have a little bit bigger mini pie pans by two different brands. I guessed weight by the grams on the ingredients, EXAMPLE OF HOW I GOT WEIGHT,1 tbsp = 21 so 3x21=63. There are carob chips for suggies at, i wouldn't get a glider or see how to care from them though as they aren't a trustworthy breeder/website. they also sell other flavored chips such as lemon and a chip mix called "hugs and kisses" which is yogurt, peanut butter and carob chips. you could probably make a "lemon meringue pie" using the lemon chips melted in the pie crust instead of strawberries. you can also use other glider safe fruits if you have no strawberries. And if making the lemon meringue pie just DON'T and i mean DON'T add whipped cream, it is not safe and full of sugar, you could use plain greek yogurt though. NOTE: If making smaller pies or different/more ingredients, the pie will be different weight/nutrition and the pie will be large and the same nutrition if not making smaller pies or using different/more ingredients.

 MeasureUnitIngredientWeight (g)
 11 cup, pureedStrawberries, raw232
 11 fl ozWater, tap, drinking29.6
 31 tbspHoney63
 11 cupRice flour, white158
 11 tspRep-Cal Calcium1.24
Nutrient Breakdown as a Percentage of each Ingredient Per Nutrient Total
270 g 
844 kcal 
3540 kj 
11.1 g 
Total lipid (fat)
2.94 g 
2.05 g 
Carbohydrate, by difference
197 g 
Fiber, total dietary
8.56 g 
Sugars, total
63.2 g 
1.65 g 
   Glucose (dextrose)
27.1 g 
31.5 g 
   Lactose 0 g 
0.907 g 
1.95 g 
0.0928 g 
Calcium, Ca
438 mg 
Iron, Fe
1.77 mg 
Magnesium, Mg
87.1 mg 
Phosphorus, P
213 mg 
Potassium, K
508 mg 
Sodium, Na
6.02 mg 
Zinc, Zn
1.73 mg 
Copper, Cu
0.342 mg 
Manganese, Mn
2.85 mg 
Selenium, Se
25.3 mcg 
Fluoride, F
35.7 mcg 
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid
136 mg 
0.274 mg 
0.108 mg 
5.06 mg 
Pantothenic acid
1.62 mg 
Vitamin B-6
0.813 mg 
Folate, total
63.3 mcg 
   Folic acid 0 mcg 
   Folate, food
63.3 mcg 
   Folate, DFE
63.3 mcg_DFE 
Choline, total
13.2 mg 
0.464 mg 
Vitamin B-12 0 mcg 
   Vitamin B-12, added 0 mcg 
Vitamin A, IU
27.8 IU 
   Vitamin A, RAE
2.32 mcg_RAE 
   Retinol 0 mcg 
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)
0.847 mg 
   Vitamin E, added 0 mg 
   Tocopherol, beta
0.0232 mg 
   Tocopherol, gamma
0.186 mg 
   Tocopherol, delta
0.0232 mg 
Vitamin K (phylloquinone)
5.1 mcg 
Fatty acids, total saturated
0.645 g 
   4:0 0 g 
   6:0 0 g 
   8:0 0 g 
   10:0 0 g 
   12:0 0 g 
0.0126 g 
0.573 g 
0.0481 g 
Fatty acids, total monounsaturated
0.798 g 
   16:1 undifferentiated
0.0102 g 
   18:1 undifferentiated
0.786 g 
   20:1 0 g 
   22:1 undifferentiated 0 g 
Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated
0.959 g 
   18:2 undifferentiated
0.704 g 
   18:3 undifferentiated
0.257 g 
   18:4 0 g 
   20:4 undifferentiated 0 g 
   20:5 n-3 0 g 
   22:5 n-3 0 g 
   22:6 n-3 0 g 
Cholesterol 0 mg 
27.8 mg 
Amino Acids
0.135 g 
0.381 g 
0.428 g 
0.856 g 
0.392 g 
0.233 g 
0.185 g 
0.552 g 
0.552 g 
0.6 g 
0.883 g 
0.263 g 
0.605 g 
Aspartic acid
1.23 g 
Glutamic acid
1.97 g 
0.487 g 
0.542 g 
0.552 g 
Alcohol, ethyl 0 g 
Caffeine 0 mg 
Theobromine 0 mg 
Carotene, beta
16.2 mcg 
Carotene, alpha 0 mcg 
Cryptoxanthin, beta 0 mcg 
Lycopene 0 mcg 
Lutein + zeaxanthin
60.3 mcg