Subject: To Heather
Posted by Bernie on July 01, 1999 at 15:50:15:

R said that they said they would giver her
another as soon as they had one available. I think the issue here
that they Heather got ripped off and was sold something that shouldn't,
think it was just something that happened. This is just part of
nature, I
lost the baby dragon last night. I just think it was a fact of nature
it died. The issue didn't happen until Heather got on the internet
like she
had been abused or something. Animals are born and they die. The only
issue H had with N&R would have been if they weren't willing to handle
somehow and that wasn't the case. I think the young lady misused a
tool in our society. She got on there whining and wanting to get
in the chat session and ended up bad mouthing good, honest people that
didn't deserve that. I am more than a little perturbed about this. I
she would have a snowball's chance at getting this resolved now and
rightfully so. When N&R were willing to handle the issue in the best
I could imagine and then to have their name slandered on the internet,
in my
opinion, Heather should be spanked.

Here, post this on the internet and then find out how she feels about
and if you ask me, she at least did something to deserve the verbal

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