Subject: some q's and suggestions..
Posted by Bourbon on September 08, 1999 at 03:38:12 from

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Define your idea of bonding? Am I to assume they are not allowed out of the cage for playtime? Do they come to you when they are in the cage for their treats? you said they do climb on you,.... okay start with a small room, I will say the bathroom, BUT be SURE it is gliderproofed. be sure all holes are blocked, drains, toilet lid down, no space under the lid, the tub drains etc. get anything up that is small that they can get injured on. take them in there for their playtime for a few days, at first they may not want to leave you, but that is normal, don't try to handle them, if they come on you, place them up on something, to explore..let them know they can leave when they want to, and that you won't try to stop them, or hold them. Don't make any moves TOWARDS them when they play, they will keep coming back to you, because you will be the only thing that is familiar to them. Nighttime is playtime, so as a general rule, they are more interested in exploring and playing about. Bonding takes time, much like experience, you can't get experience over night, nor can you bond quickly. You can build trust, that is the first stage of bonding, Once they learn YOU are their safe zone, the bonding will come naturally. Son-in- laws.. are a good example, many times if you just meet your son-in law for the first time, you don't know how to take him, you have to get to know him, and learn that he can be trusted with your daughter..take it real slow... good luck and keep us posted..

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