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Posted by Eileen on September 14, 1999 at 16:44:09 from

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: Ok, I feed Dizzy *different glider from scott's* her food every evening around 8:30-9:00 and then I take out her dish with some left overs sometimes in the mornings like at 7:00 am. And every morning there's always little fruit flies flying around. Ok so my question is How can I get rid of these fruit flies? And could they harm my glider? (i'm guessing they don't but just thought i'd ask to be safe). Oh yeah and I have another question every other day I have this vitamin stuff I sprinkle on her food ( I don't know what its called I got it from the breeder i bought her from and he said it last her whole life it was in a baggy) but anyways when I sprinkle this stuff on her food she doesn't seem to eat as much of it. Is this weird? And when I sprinkle Repcal on her food (once a week not the same day as other stuff) she don't seem to eat her food at all. So what should I do? thanx

: Jill :)

The only way I can get my gliders to eat their food when I put Reptcal is to mix it in baby food (stage 3). They seem to not notice that it is in there. I really have to mix it though or they just pick out the little granuals. Too smart!!!

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