Subject: Gizmo acting nuerotic, Mom worried.
Posted by Shianne on September 21, 1999 at 08:02:19 from

Since last Tuesday or Wednesday my litle Gizmo has been behaving strangely. The only changes that I can think of are that I put a new wodent wheel in her cage & last Tuesday I picked up her whole cage and moved it into my bedroom closet for a day because of the hurricane I was afraid she was too close to a window.
She is not crabbing at me when I offer her treats in her pouch but is sleeping and awful lot more than usual. I guess it is hard to describe though. Oh yeah, and she has not gone near her new wodent wheel. Is it time to get her a new friend? I just dont know what to do! Trying to spend more time with her only freaks her out & she about loses her mind for two days after I carry her around in the pouch. HELP!!

Glider love to you and yours

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