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Sugar Gliders
Wet cat food?
Wet cat food?
Food, Diet
May 25 2019
11:15:59 PM
So, I ended up with two sugar gliders somehow about a year ago. They're angels and I love them to pieces! It wasn't even planned for me to have them, and I never wanted small animals on the first place, but they just kinda ended up with me. I have Lele, who's maybe a little over a year now (I got her at 3 months for a friend of mine who backed out RIGHT AFTER I paid for her) and Tabitha who's maybe four years old now (she was a rescue from a crack den who's partner had died).

Even though I try my best to give them the best sugar glider diet with extensive research on what they can eat and all that, something just struck me tonight as I was feeding all of my animals...

Can I feed the sugar gliders eat wet cat food?

Now I'm not talkin' any old cat food. I'm talkin' the expensive stuff. The kind you buy that you could make at home but just don't want to. Like the chopped up chicken and fish bits with the added veggies and stuff. The kind that royal cats eat.

Or you know, that Rachael Ray Nutrish stuff.

Tabitha refuses to eat any real protein. Hates meat, hates mealworms, hates any bit of it. She is a full on VEGAN, which is why I give them protein pellets. Lele eats anything she can get her little hands on (which means she constantly dives for me when it's dinner time) and she's a little chunky monkey. Not too fat, but definitely healthy. Tabitha is a tiny, dinky little thing, I think because of her previous owners depriving her and her previous partner.

So I have been trying to get creative to make sure they both get their fruits, veggies, and proteins. I've pureed fruit and veggies, used organic baby food, all that fun stuff. But I really feel like they're lacking in protein.

Could this special wet cat food every once in a while be what I need? Or could it hurt them? Obviously its not meant to kill because cats can eat it, its FDA approved, and I even went down the ingredients list as I was buying the food to make sure I could pronounce the words.

I would love some advice!


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Food, Diet
May 26 2019
09:46:51 PM
BYK_Chainsaw Fuzzy Wuzzy Visit BYK_Chainsaw's Photo Album BYK_Chainsaw's Journal USA 1238 Posts
When I first got gliders, I figured the good cat food should be healthy for
them. But everything I have read says that cat food is formulated for cats.
so its not everything gliders need.
I give gliders OHPW and that has the protein they need. I would keep
trying live or dried mealworms, I have had gliders that are a little slow to
bite one, but once they do, they go crazy for them. I have even rescued a few
the owners said wouldn't eat mealies. But a few weeks later, they are all over
them. If someone has the stomach for it, break a live one in half and let them
have a try.

In the end, the right diet, OHPW or BML has the protein in it they need. so
you don't need to worry about mealies, meats, eggs except as a treat.
Food, Diet
Jun 22 2019
12:49:43 PM
Scoria Glider Visit Scoria's Photo Album Scoria's Journal 133 Posts
Cat food usually has vitamins added that are specific to cats. Gliders have different nutritional needs. Have you tried giving them mealworms or crickets?
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Wet cat food?

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Sugar Gliders
Wet cat food?