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Sugar Gliders
Bites / grooming
Bites / grooming
Sep 11 2019
04:30:07 AM
There's a couple of questions i'd like to ask.

1. Does your finger heats up and get swollen after bitten or after they've groomed you?
As for my other gliders, when they bite *nibble * or groom i don't swell. Only her. Something's wrong with her teeth or its just me being her..bite..

Especially if it draws blood, my fingers will heat up, red and swell.

2. Why do bonded glider, sometimes bite and intent to draw blood when you are near. Is it possible that the glider is trying to tell you something's wrong with her or its just her behaviour.

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Sep 12 2019
09:20:52 AM
BYK_Chainsaw Fuzzy Wuzzy Visit BYK_Chainsaw's Photo Album BYK_Chainsaw's Journal USA 1249 Posts

I read that gliders teeth can contain bacteria, and if they bite to deep you
might develop an infection. don't remember where I read this, was awhile ago.
But I seem to remember it was if they go to your bone, they do have long teeth.

number 2
I'm not an expert, but we have had gliders up to 15 gliders, for about 5 years. we are at 6 gliders now. My wife has had a few hard bites in the beginning, but
she was much more aggressive at grabbing scared gliders. I dont remember ever
getting a "blood bite", but have had some hard bites from unbonded or scared
gliders, usually grabbing them for a nail cut.
so my first thought is your not properly bonded to the glider that is biting
you, or you are handling her wrong maybe, I cant see what you are doing or why
she is biting you.
out of our 6 gliders 2 dont like to be picked up. riggs will give me a very
small and NOT hard bite sometimes when I pick him up. Scarface will run away from
me, will take a treat from me, I can pet her in the pouch, outside of the pouch she
will run. during nail cutting time I go fast and pick her up, she will be upset but
will only give me a nip only hurts a very small amount.
so that is what goes threw my mind, scarface would NOT climb on me, will run away, only comes to me for a treat, but when I do crab her I only get a small bite,
no blood bites.
so what is making your glider bite so hard?

I get small nips I think, when they think my finger is a treat, I over pet one
that doesn't like it, I pick up one of the two.
so in the end, blood bites are not something I have gotten from any of our
15 gliders, and only seem to happen with very new and scared gliders.
Sep 26 2019
12:27:51 AM
Scoria Glider Visit Scoria's Photo Album Scoria's Journal 133 Posts
Mine don't bite anymore. One would bite at first, to tell me he disliked something. He will still give a nip, but is much gentler now. If they bite they have either learned it gets them what they want (human retreating or leaving them alone etc.) or they are scared and acting defensive. He still will crablunge on occasion when not fully awake so I don't get in his face then as he might get me, but he doesn't bite on purpose anymore since he learned it didn't get him what he wanted.
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Bites / grooming

GliderGossip GliderGossip
Sugar Gliders
Bites / grooming