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Before (on a pellet diet) and after (no pellets). Unfortunately, it was too late by the time I got him and he only lived 5 months with me. Per the necropsy, the damage to his liver was irreversible. All I did was prolong his life by a few months.

This was the day I got him:

This was about 2 months later: At the time, I was feeding 25/25/50 but I feed LGRS Suggie Soup now.





This is Trinity shortly after I got her about two months ago. Not sure what she was fed. She had lots of cracking in fur and flat tail, bad BO.

This is Trinity now.


Here is a picture of Chester when I first got him in May. The people before me only had him a short time, but they were feeding him pellets, fruit fluff and cheetohs.

Here is a picture of Chester I just took an hour ago. He's been on the HPW diet since I got him. ______________________________________________________

Elodie on the 25/25/50 diet

Elodie on BML rehab. She's even whiter now that she's on Priscilla's, but I haven't been able to borrow my mom's camera to take pics since the above pic was taken.
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Not as dramatic but definitely a difference. Kiwi was brown with flat tail. Now she is gray with big fluffy tail. They were on pellets & now they are on Pricilla's Diet. ______________________________________________________________________

This is my little boy, Suggie. I acquired him from a woman who kept him on a diet of fruits, pellets and parrot biscuits. A day after I got Suggie, I went online, ordered his rep-cal vitamins and got him started on BML asap. Now about half a year later, he's got a healthy, non-cracked coat!

Aussie was fed cat food, pellets and nuts... She occasionally got fruits or veggies

This her then

And this is her now on BML with lots of mealies and fresh foods.

Then there is Nova.

I unfortunately cannot provide an updated photo's, she passed away, but I feel it's important to put her in the thread.

She was fed pellets, nuts and whatever else they had. She suffered from long-term malnutrition and developed a protein allergy. There was nothing I could do to save her that I didn't do but the damage was done.

____________________________________________________________ This is Faith she fought very hard to make it but sadly did not she spent the last 7 days of her life with me after living for more than a year being fed pellets & hamster food and also had Gardia and HLP she had a bald spot above her eye from lord knows what as well as part of her ear was missing! Faith was a fighter through all the fluid injections the antibiotics liquid calcium etc. but she lost her battle after learning what love was!


All four of my first group looked like that. After I got them home and compared them to gliders on here I was really mad. But it all turned out good they are all gaining weight and all are fluffy butts. I can even feel more body heat coming off them now. When they first came home and would jump on my back I could not tell where they were. Now when they jump on me I know they are there.

I am just in shock to see how much moe has changed since he has been on the priscilla diet. 4 years on pellets and now just 3 weeks on the right stuff has made such a difference, still has a way to go but a huge diff will have to post before and afters soon

I had two males I rescued from pelleted diets. One was on pellets, blueberries, peanut butter, nuts, and superworms. When he came to me, I didn't know how he normally acted so there was no way of me telling something was off about him. By the time I noticed, it was too late and he was gone in less than an hour. He died after a little under 4wks in my care, though I have a feeling that he may have had other health problems as well. A necropsy could not be done because my boyfriend had already buried him by the time it was mentioned to me.

The other was on just pellets. He had a total of 4 cagemates who all died off one by one until they finally decided to re-home this one. He was in my home for 3wks. I thought he was doing great, always left his bowl polished clean. My mom walked in the room to find him dead sprawled out in his favorite sleeping spot (I had just seen him [alive] 2 hours prior). He was sent to Val for a necropsy, but due to a delivery delay, the dry ice melted and he decomposed quickly. Definite cause of death is unsure, but he was fed nothing, but pellets for 4 years of his life.

My current male was at one point fed pellets until he was rescued by an acquaintance of mine who then put him on BML. I didn't see how poor of a condition he was in then, but he looks fine now. He's is in my care living happy and healthy with my female Sweetness.

I am sad to say I have no pictures of either of the rescued males in the poor condition they were.

I don't have pics of my guys to compare, but they are all looking better. My first glider was fed hamster food and hummingbird nectar. When I found out I was horrified. I had contacted this guy through craigslist and he just said he had food and gliderade left. Theres a petstore near where he lived that sells gliders and feeds a terrible 'insectivore' diet (you could see bits of corn in it) and gliderade. I'm pretty sure thats where he got him, and decided he didn't want to pay more for real gliderade and opted for the sugar and dye mix that is hummingbird nectar, and cheaped out with hamster food instead of the insectivore diet. He also lived in a tiny bird cage with nothing but a pouch in it. He didn't even have a water bottle! It's one thing to be ignorant of what an animal needs, and another to not care. Surprisingly, he had really, really nice fur, and still does. Fluffy and full and soft. But his underbelly was completely yellow. The guy only had him for 4 months. His belly fur is a lot better now, about 6 months later, but still has a bit of a yellow tinge to it. My two girls I got from a woman who rescued them. For the first 4 years of their lives, they were fed beans and baby food (and who knows what else). They lived in a tiny cage in a back room with no toys or anything. The woman I got them from had had them for about a year, on Leadbeater's and fruits/veggies/mealworms/crickets the whole shebang. They wouldn't touch anything she offered other than fruit or chicken baby food for months. It took them a long time to eat fruit on a regular basis with me too. Their fur is a little cracked even now, but it's improved a lot since I've gotten them, and I can't imagine what they looked like when they were first rescued!

Last month or so, I contacted a woman on craigslist about a cage she had. I was looking for a travel cage for my gliders and the one she had seemed to be a good size (30" tall 18" wide/deep). I got to her house and she tells me she had two gliders living in the cage, and that they had mysteriously died. She then offers me the rest of their food and gliderade. She hands me half a can of Sunseed Sugar Glider formula and 1/3 a jar of gliderade. When I picked up the cage it was dark out, so it looked okay. When I got home, I saw that it was covered with rust head to toe, not just thin surface rust but deep rust that had eaten under a lot of the coating. I know in this case the gliders (assumed since they died of unknown causes) condition has to do with more general husbandry issues, I just think it's worth mentioning. I didn't think much of what she said at first, but looking back I was like Oy, another person taught by a petstore that shouldn't sell animals

I'm still crying as I write this....and feeling so lucky that my babies came to me in WAY better health than some of the gliders in this thread. My girls came to me with minimal cracking, my boy (approx 1y/o) had some cracking and his tail was a little skinny/flat. Mr was fed mostly pellets and some fruits/veggies, the girls were being fed a combo of baby food, fresh fruits/veggies and special kitty cat food from walmart. After a week in my care (Kazkos diet) Mr's tail is filling in nicely and his fur looks so much more plush/sleek now. The girls have been in my care for about a month and show MAJOR improvements. I soooo wish I'd thought to do before and after pics with them. They were 3, 4 and 5 y/o when I brought them home. At first we could tell them apart at a glance, Belle was by far the largest, Bree by far the smallest, Bess was just a bit smaller than Belle. Just 3-4 weeks in my care and the cracks have virtually disappeared, tails are fluffier etc. But the most amazing difference is how they've filled out/grown, they are all virtually the same size now. The easiest way to tell them apart now is by personality. I was shocked at so much growth in older animals. So much so that I called the lady I got them from (not the original owner) to see if she could verify their ages for me. I'm still not convinced she was told the truth by the orginal owner. I could understand if it was just a case of them filling out a bit more, I could almost believe that's the case with Belle, but Bess and particularly Bree clearly show a marked size difference. Bree's head even looks larger/broader!

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