Help On Editing

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Double-click on any page to enter edit mode. Any person can edit any page. Any person at all, in fact!

In edit mode you will see the page contents inside a large text box. You may add/edit/update/delete any information within this box. See Help On Formatting for the syntax.

Three buttons are at the top of the page:

  • Save: Saves the current page as a new revision.
  • Preview: Reloads the edit page and shows below the edit box the proposed changes as they would appear if saved.
  • Cancel: Cancels edit mode and returns you to the page you were viewing.

Below the text box you will see a checkbox with the text Include page in Recent Changes list. If this box is checked, the edits you make will be logged as a major revision and will show up in the standard Recent Changes list. If un-checked, the edit is logged as a minor revision and does not show up on the default Recent Changes view. Minor edits will only appear if the filter querystring parameter is set to 2.

Next is a long text box with the label Optional comment about this change. Anything you type in here will show up as a comment in the Recent Changes view entry for the edited page.

Finally you see the same three buttons (Save, Preview, Cancel) that are discussed above.

Last Edited September 18, 2006