Perfect Pocket Pets

Perfect Pocket Pets is reference to a company based in Coral Gables Florida under the dba of Pocket Pets and GRE, Inc. Their original web site was where they sold sugar gliders and products online and on the road at various places such as gun shows, flea markets, state fairs, mall kiosks and the like. The original web site has since been abandoned as the company worked to distance themselves from the mistakes they made early on by rebranding their products under the name "Sugar Bear" with a new web site along with many other domain name fronts.

They are considered by most in the community as a Mill Breeder.

Public record shows that in 2008 they sold 5729 gliders with a Total gross dollars derived from regulated activities (sales, booking fees, commissions, etc): $1,145,800. And this was their partial starting year.


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Last Edited April 2, 2012