Sugar Bear

"Sugar Bear" is a term coined by Pocket Pets of Florida for their marketing efforts in selling sugar gliders. It is essentially a product or brand name and is nothing more. Sugar Bear does not exist in any language and it has never been used to refer to sugar gliders. By coining a new term, they have been able to control information disseminated to their typical misinformed consumer. With some luck, many new owners do break out of the loop and seek real information from external sources such as Glider Gossip.

In July 2008, Pocket Pets created their website in order to springboard off of Lori's pre-existing work They also registered a large number of other domains in order to facilitate their own websites pointing to each other as official entities to give credence to their knowledge and experience with sugar gliders. Much of their propaganda would discredit any external information source in order to maintain control of their consumers. Much of this stuff still exists on the web in 2010. Many people in the community have complete records of the various happenings and changes along the way that came from this group.

In late 2008, the sugar glider community became aware of the misdirection and discredit efforts by this company and created a whole lot of static about it. Pocket pets spent effort and expense in an attempt to mitigate this public image. The first thing they did was rebrand their entire product line to "Sugar Bear" and then begin a marketing campaign in order to take over Internet search engines with this never before used term to create a fresh image. At this time they also abandoned their previous website in order to steer away from existing references to the Perfect Pocket Pets website which was commonly referred to as "PPP". was also registered by these people in order to steal momentum from the pre-existing group. The domain name would redirect to for a very long time in order to gain some value and momentum and then it was finally redirected to one of their private marketing destinations where they continue to try to debunk the existing community at large.

A few of the other propaganda web sites they created are:

All of these domain names are now protected publicly by a domain name privacy system, but registrant information was originally available and can still be had through historical services or government means. The information or products on any of these web sites should not be trusted.


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Last Edited November 2, 2010