What Does A Sugar Glider Cost

Money is always a concern when buying a new pet.

How much is the pet going to cost? Cage? Toys? Sleeping arrangements? Food? Vet? There are a lot of expenses to consider when choosing a sugar glider.

Glider purchase/adoption; this can render your wallet empty. Gliders should always be kept in at least a pair. They are colony animals and will be much happier with another of their kind. If you look at a pet store, gliders run about 150$ each. So I recommend adopting, Craigslist, Hoobly, and Kijiji, all have pet classifieds. There are several families looking to rehome their gliders and they usually arent asking very much money for them either. Also look for rescues or sanctuaries in your area that have gliders, or call your local animal shelter, or humane society. If you are looking at buying from a breeder you will be looking at around 300$ for standard greys. Color variations cost much much more.

Most of the money you spend on a glider are one time purchases, the cage for example. A large flight cage will most likely cost you upwards of 200$ brand new, or you can always look on websites like craigslist. This is why its important that you get a big cage in good condition, because they can last for the lifespan of your glider.

A good sturdy wheel can cost a lot, but they are another one time purchase. A Stealth Wheel can set you back about 50$ or a Wodent Wheel about 20$ plus the price of Trim Trax to help maintain your gliders nails. Other toys on the other hand can be made or purchased fairly inexpensive. Fleece can be bought at your local craft store for about 8$ a yard. Most chain craft stores are constantly running sales on fabric, and there are always great coupons in the newspaper for places like Joann Fabric. (www.Joann.com) Barrel of Monkeys from a chain store run about 7$. Another great idea is Goodwill, or even garage sales to find Fisher Price baby toys.

Going back to fleece you can make your own pouches for sleeping, this is a great do it yourself website. (http://www.freewebs.com/sugarsliders/howdoi.htm) Otherwise a pouch from a pet store can be anywhere from 15-20$.

With so many diet options out there prices can range. (Pellets are out of this equation, they get a big thumbs down.) I personally dont buy food for my girls that I wouldnt normally buy at the store for myself, so food poses no real extra expense for me. So aside from the extra 4$ every 2 months I spend on a fresh papaya, or the fact that I may go through a dozen eggs a little quicker than normal my girls eat the same things I do. (Fresh and frozen fruit, fresh and frozen vegetables, protein - chicken, lean hamburger, pork, eggs.) But if you are considering a diet of BML, HPW, or LGRS Suggie Soup, then diet will be an extra expense.

On to vet, now this is where you really need to think hard if these are the pets for you. Just like any other animal, you will need a veterinarian who has experience treating gliders. A sugar glider can rack up vet bills as high as a cat or dog. Initially a sugar glider should be taken to the vet to get a clean bill of health. A wellness check should always include a fecal float and smear to check for parasites. Now of course different vets vary in price, so you may have to call around to get the best deal. You should also start a vet fund to put money away for emergency vet visits.

Last Edited February 8, 2010