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Neutered boy is vicious

Feb 23, 2020

 Neutered boy is vicious

Hi Guys

I was just hoping for some advice regarding handling a vicious glider. I have had Charlie for about a year and rescued him with 2 other females as a breeding trio.

He was a very dominant male and I assumed it was the hormones from being an intact male. He began he get so excited if he smelt other gliders and would bite the bars and even ended up injuring his tail.

I decided neutering him would be the best option to help him and the vet also agreed it would be kindest to neuter him so he wouldn't have all raging hormones.

Now a year later hes still just as aggressive regarding other gliders. Tonight I made the mistake of not washing my hands after feeding one of my other gliders and got absolutely attacked by charlie. He just goes crazy if he smells other gliders.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to calm him down or will I just have to continue making sure I wash my hands before handling him?

PS: he still lives with his 2 females that he came with


Feb 23 2020 : 02:33:09 PM
sounds like he is pretty set in his ways. you could just test him from time to time, get your hands scented and hold them near bars and see how he reacts. maybe over time he will settle down if continued to be exposed to the scent.

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