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Aug 1, 2018

 Seeking help with my glider introductions...

Guys I'm really worried about introducing my two gliders!:(

So Axl was with other gliders before I got him and when he came to me he was on his own but it wasn't a problem as he comes everywhere with me such as varsity and even to the movies. So now I adopted another glider who is a young joey called Hutch and have had him for about 3 weeks and hes starting to get used to me (still crabs a bit) and I have been swapping fleece and things to get them used to each others smell and decided to try introduce them today. Well Hutch started crabbing when I took him out his cage and Axl who was on the bed near by ran over aggressively toward Hutch and I was too worried to let them meet! Please help any advice would be great :) do you guys think that there's still a chance for it all to work out? Or maybe Axl is jealous

Jul 25, 2018


Hi guys,

So I recently adopted a joey as I felt the need to get Axl a friend as hes an only child and although he goes everywhere with me I feel like having a friend to be with would be nice! So Axl is 2 years old and is quite chubby while Hutch (the joey) is only about three months old and quite a bit smaller. Does anyone have any advice on how to go about introducing them as I have put the cages next to each other and am swapping their fleece so any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Also am I right in saying that I can only let the "meet" when the joey is older and a bit bigger so he can look after himself?
Jul 12, 2018

 Hissing occasionally while peeing

Hi guys!,

So I just wanted to get your advice on something as I'm still pretty new to having a sugar glider so want to be 100% sure :). First off if there is anyone from south Africa on this site that knows of any vets that treat sugar gliders in KZN would be great to know! Basically every once in a while Axl will make like a quiet hissing sound when he pees and I read up that it could be a urinary infection. Does anyone know of any ways to help cure that as i looked online and it said cranberry juice, I'm currently trying to find a vet in the area to take him to just in case but if anyone has any thoughts or experiences with this please let me know :)


Jun 29, 2018

 Does my glider like me?

Hi guys first off I just wanted to say that this site is an absolute lifesaver especially because I'm from South Africa where sugar gliders aren't super popular as pets yet! I just wanted to give a bit of background on my situation and if anyone would like to give me their opinion that would be great! So I have had Axl for about a month and a half and he's two years old. At the moment I can hold him in my hand and he's pretty chilled and spends most of his time sleeping on my shoulder in my jersey and goes everywhere with me :) with regards to crabbing he has probably only done it about 5 times and they have all been when my other pets have come too close. He does however nip me often but then releases straight away and it's not sore or anything but was just wondering if that's him being friendly or something else?

Jun 29, 2018

 Ideas on veggies sugar gliders cannot resist

Does anyone have any ideas of what vegetables the majority of sugar gliders cannot resist? I have had my sugarbaby Axl for about a month and a half and he eats the veggies when they have been blended in with his food (I feed HPW diet) however the only veggie he eats one it's own is cucumber. Is that alright? Or any suggestions? Thanks I'm very new to this :)

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