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Jul 8, 2020

 Excessive head rubbing

Hi guys,

Just a question regarding gliders rubbing their heads. My boy Axl keeps rubbing his head on his pouches and the cage to the extent that he has a huge bald patch on his head. I personally think its because he can smell my other gliders as he's not neutered as he's slightly disabled on his back legs (but he's happy and adapted fine and gets check ups often from the vet). My vet doesn't see anything wrong with his health so he's fine in that aspect and he has a cage mate so it can't be depression or loneliness as I honestly do anything for him hes super special.

I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced anything like this or if you know of any tricks or tips to help the hair regrow?

Thanks guys

Feb 23, 2020

 Neutered boy is vicious

Hi Guys

I was just hoping for some advice regarding handling a vicious glider. I have had Charlie for about a year and rescued him with 2 other females as a breeding trio.

He was a very dominant male and I assumed it was the hormones from being an intact male. He began he get so excited if he smelt other gliders and would bite the bars and even ended up injuring his tail.

I decided neutering him would be the best option to help him and the vet also agreed it would be kindest to neuter him so he wouldn't have all raging hormones.

Now a year later hes still just as aggressive regarding other gliders. Tonight I made the mistake of not washing my hands after feeding one of my other gliders and got absolutely attacked by charlie. He just goes crazy if he smells other gliders.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to calm him down or will I just have to continue making sure I wash my hands before handling him?

PS: he still lives with his 2 females that he came with
Aug 3, 2019

 Dry skin

Hi guys,

I just wanted to find out if anyone has any advice on dry skin.

My boy Axl who is currently injured and doesnt have full use of his back legs (dont worry have been to the vet and we are treating it) has been getting little patches of dry skin in his fur that looks like scabs and when you try to brush him, those little patches just come off and the fur is attached to the scab like a flake of dry skin.

I'm not sure if maybe it's because he is unable to completely groom himself hence why I have started helping him by brushing him (which he loves).

Any advice on how to treat this dry skin to avoid his hair falling out?

May 2, 2019

 A type of HLP

Hi guys,

So my suggie Axl has always been an active glider at night doing flips from one side of the cage to another. I usually take him with me to work as he is comfortable sleeping on me, but the one day I was running late so said hello to him and his roommates and then left. When I got home a few hours later he was dragging his back legs. I took him to the vet who is experienced and he did tests and X-rays and said that there was nothing broken or damaged in terms of bones and his calcium levels were good so he thought maybe he hurt himself in the cage and that's why hes dragging his back legs. I had him on painkillers for 2 weeks but he didn't seem to worry without them. He is still eating and drinking and everything like normal and he still seems active and happy. I also had him on cage rest in a small carry cage so he couldn't get more hurt. Has anyone got any idea what this might be from or if it will heal or not? The vet said it could take any amount of time to heal from 2 days - a year but he has improved as hes able to hold on with his feet.
Mar 13, 2019


Hi guys can sugar gliders drink tea? I was drinking cold Rooibos (red bush) tea and my glider climbed up to my hand and started going crazy for it? Is this okay if they have a bit or not? I know this tea is used for many things as it is very healthy and contains virtually no caffeine so just wondered if I could let my glider have some?
Mar 2, 2019

 Calcium powder in water?

Hi everyone,

Just a question on calcium for gliders. I'm very nervous on the whole calcium issue so I feel like I'm always worried about whether or not I have given them enough. I'm currently feeding the HPW diet and when I make the mixture I add a tablespoon or so of calcium powder. Is this enough or should I be adding some to their water too? Please can someone advise me as it's something that really stresses me out as I want to give my gliders the best care possible!
Feb 26, 2019

 Unconcerned glider

Hi guys so another question I have is on the topic of how gliders deal with the death of their cage mates. So as you would have seen from my previous post my young glider passed away this weekend from what I think was a heart attack or stroke. While he was lying on the bottom of the cage dying my other glider in the cage didn't seem to be worried at all, he was just running on his wheel. I have heard a lot about gliders pining and going into depression over this sort of stuff so I introduced another glider to the cage the next day. The new one and Axl got on fine without any problems but Axl seems to rather sleep in his own house rather than sharing with the new one most of the time although sometimes they sleep together. Is this normal behaviour from a glider who has just lost his mate? He seems very chilled about everything so I don't know if I'm the one dramatising the situation?
Feb 26, 2019

 Glider death

Hi guys so my beautiful little glider that i got as a joey last year passed away this weekend. Firstly i dont understand what happened because i found him lying on the bottom of the cage with his mouth open but still breathing slowly. I took him out as soon as I saw him and kept him close to me in a warm blanket that he likes and he started to shake like he was having a stroke or a heart attack and after about 10 mins he passed away. Was honestly such a heart breaking experience that I still can't get over. So my question here is has anyone else had a young glider that had a heart attack or a stroke?
Aug 1, 2018

 Seeking help with my glider introductions...

Guys I'm really worried about introducing my two gliders!:(

So Axl was with other gliders before I got him and when he came to me he was on his own but it wasn't a problem as he comes everywhere with me such as varsity and even to the movies. So now I adopted another glider who is a young joey called Hutch and have had him for about 3 weeks and hes starting to get used to me (still crabs a bit) and I have been swapping fleece and things to get them used to each others smell and decided to try introduce them today. Well Hutch started crabbing when I took him out his cage and Axl who was on the bed near by ran over aggressively toward Hutch and I was too worried to let them meet! Please help any advice would be great :) do you guys think that there's still a chance for it all to work out? Or maybe Axl is jealous
Jul 25, 2018


Hi guys,

So I recently adopted a joey as I felt the need to get Axl a friend as hes an only child and although he goes everywhere with me I feel like having a friend to be with would be nice! So Axl is 2 years old and is quite chubby while Hutch (the joey) is only about three months old and quite a bit smaller. Does anyone have any advice on how to go about introducing them as I have put the cages next to each other and am swapping their fleece so any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Also am I right in saying that I can only let the "meet" when the joey is older and a bit bigger so he can look after himself?
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