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Seeking help with my glider introductions...

Aug 1, 2018

 Seeking help with my glider introductions...

Guys I'm really worried about introducing my two gliders!:(

So Axl was with other gliders before I got him and when he came to me he was on his own but it wasn't a problem as he comes everywhere with me such as varsity and even to the movies. So now I adopted another glider who is a young joey called Hutch and have had him for about 3 weeks and hes starting to get used to me (still crabs a bit) and I have been swapping fleece and things to get them used to each others smell and decided to try introduce them today. Well Hutch started crabbing when I took him out his cage and Axl who was on the bed near by ran over aggressively toward Hutch and I was too worried to let them meet! Please help any advice would be great :) do you guys think that there's still a chance for it all to work out? Or maybe Axl is jealous


Aug 26 2018 : 10:04:32 PM
First step is to introduce them on neutral territory, someplace they've never been before that doesn't smell familiar to either of them. Shower and wear clean clothes so you don't smell like them. I've always used my bathroom for bonding, particularly the bathtub. I mist the bathtub and floor with vinegar and wipe it down with a mop to get rid of any smells. It may take more than one meeting before they get along. Make each meeting short and sweet, no more than half an hour. It's ok to let them get close to each other, run at, "hump" or chase each other, but stop any fighting immediately. It's a good idea to wear gloves and have something handy to use as a barrier between them if they fight (I use a dustpan).

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