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Glider death

Feb 26, 2019

 Glider death

Hi guys so my beautiful little glider that i got as a joey last year passed away this weekend. Firstly i dont understand what happened because i found him lying on the bottom of the cage with his mouth open but still breathing slowly. I took him out as soon as I saw him and kept him close to me in a warm blanket that he likes and he started to shake like he was having a stroke or a heart attack and after about 10 mins he passed away. Was honestly such a heart breaking experience that I still can't get over. So my question here is has anyone else had a young glider that had a heart attack or a stroke?


Feb 27 2019 : 10:17:47 PM
In the wild, showing illness is a weakness, and predators can spot it, so gliders are good at hiding illness. we had one pass away very similar way, but the emergency vet had no answers, we did not know her age, we got her as a rescue, she didn't jump, was slow so we guessed she was older but not how much older. sorry for your lose, it really stinks.

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