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Babysitting Gliders

Jan 1, 2010

 Babysitting Gliders

Well today began the six month med cruise for Trina and David. Trina was sad last night as she brought Anon and Fivel over to drop them off. I could see it in her eyes and who could blame her. I'd be sad too if I was leaving my babies with someone I barely knew and for as long as six months. I felt so sad for her. David didn't come inside. I know he was tired and I don't know maybe it was just to hard for him. Can't say as I blame him. They are both very nice people and have two wonderful gliders that are very well adjusted and friendly. She has them on a great diet which consists of HPW and the veggie and fruit relish 2:1 ratio. She made alot of food for them and left me with the stuff to make the HPW.

It's really great that we both use the same Vet so that will be a relief if I have to take them to the Vet if they should get sick. She left me with a good amount of money as well so that I could pay a Vet bill or get them anything they may need. They shouldn't need much. I did fix up their cage with a few things as I was telling her that since I had two other cages of gliders and children that I was sure I would not get to play with them as much as they did but that I would make sure they had plenty of stimulating toys and as much play time as I could spare.

She was very kind and told me that she knew she was leaving them in very good hands and that made her feel better. I hope so because I will do my absolute best to make sure they are well cared for and will be waiting for them when they get back from their cruise. I'm sure it made them feel good to know that they didn't have to give them up and loose them by finding someone (me) in the area to watch them. She is going to e-mail me her's and David's ship e-mail address so I can keep in touch with them about their babies and I promised to send them pictures.

As soon as I get to take down the Christmas tree I'm going to set back up my tent so I can do tent time with them. It's been about a month since I've been able to do tent time with my own so I'm excited about getting it set back up.

I'm hoping my hubby will let me go overboard and buy a Genji tent and I'm also hoping to purchase two exel cages as well. We are hoping he makes bonus this last quarter and if he does we might have enough for all three but I have to ask his permission to spend all his money on the gliders. You're talking about 800.00 dollars in stuff and it's his money so let's hope he'll let me use it. If not for the cages I'm sure I can get a Genji tent out of him and maybe a cage at least. I need to replace the one my colony of three is in.

Anyway back to Trina, David and the gliders. I hugged her before she left and thanked her and David both for serving our country and we'd see them when they got back. Pray for me and these wonderful babies that I can do right by them and by Trina and David and get them their gliders back healthy. Needless to say I'm a little scared but happy to care for them so they don't have to re-home them. I can tell they love them very much and they are great glider parents.


Jan 02 2010 : 03:18:27 PM
How sweet of you!

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