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Mar 17, 2011

 Still Around and Loving My Babies

Just a journal note to post that I am still around. I haven't posted in many months and do not spend everyday here. Sometimes it may take me two months to come and check out the site and read some stories. I was and still have a problem with the issue's that people want to argue about and the threads where people won't listen to reason. I decided I needed a break from it but know I will be back one day in full participation.

Cosmo and Lucas are just as great as ever. They are so cute and I am still so much in love with my babies. I'm amazed everyday at their antics and their love for me. I can hardly believe I was fortunate enough to learn about Sugar Gliders to begin with much less have them in my life.

My greatest accomplishment still is and will always be my rescues. My Luna, Milk Dud and Jack are doing so well. Luna and Milk Dud now do not hesitate to come out of the cage to me everyday. I never though I'd ever feel loved by them but I now know that they do. Luna's trust is the one I'm the most surprised by because of the conditions I got her in and how much dis-trust she has/had in all people. I don't know where she came from and how she got to that Pet Store. No information was given to me when I found her under that pile of stuff on the floor of the Pet Store. Pet stores are not the place that should be selling or caring for Sugar Gliders. They are always sudjected to some of the worst living conditions. Filthy cages, nothing in the cage for the gliders to do and of course the worst diet you can imagine. I haven't seen a Pet Store yet that has gliders that cares for them properly.

Jack is of course my greatest joy. As anyone can tell you he was in the worst physical shape of any of my babies when I got him and now you would not even recognise him. He has lost so much weight he is now my second smallest glider. I can't wait to put pictures of him in my album. Every night when he comes out of his sleeping pouch he is so funny. He crawls to the top of the cage and stretches himself all the way out and reminds me of a bat. Hanging upside down all stretched out and waking up I always look forward to seeing him do that and get a little giggle. He runs in the wheels now and I haven't had to take him to get his nails clipped at the vets for months because of it. I'm so very proud of my handsome man. He is the oldest glider of the group but seems to be in his second childhood. He is approximately 8 or 9 years old now.

We did have a very bad Thanksgiving because we lost our long time family member our rabbit. We had Kenji for about 10 years and lost him the Friday before Thanksgiving. I had to make the hard decision and have him put to sleep. We had taken him into the Vets to have his teeth trimed and upon waking up from the (can't spell it) sleeping stuff he was paralized from the waist down. We still cry everyday as we miss him so much. We did adopt two new bunnies. They are Lion Head bunnies and are so cute but they are a hand full. Two males named Snow Ball and Max. I still need to have them fixed because they are doing the nasty to each other but get along great. I'm hoping with tax returns to do this. We also lost one of our oldest hamsters and one of our small russian hamsters. These have been very sad months with these family members passing but we move one and love the ones that are still with us.

My Sugar Gliders are doing great and I continue to use the receipe's that I and others have made here on Glider Gossip. Take care and I'll be back with pictures soon.


Jul 15, 2010

 Milk Dud and the Rescue's

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Tonight when I went to the cage where Milk Dud, Jack and Luna live to see if they were awake I opened the cage door. To my surprise Milk Dud just can right to me, crawled on my arm and let me walk away from her cage and take her in the kitchen. She was still a bit nervous but just crawled around on me looking around and checking things out. I did not even have any treats on me. She just came out and to me without any bribery. Of course I had to rewatd her with a treat once we got into the kitchen. I was so excited I could hardly stand it.

But that's not even the best part. After I had Milk Dud out my husband went to their cage and opened the door and low and behold LUNA came out of the cage and crawled onto my husband. After she went back into the cage JACK did the exact same thing.

After 1 1/2 years I cannot believe we have finally gotten to this point. It's the day I've been waiting patiently for. They trusted us and did it all on their own.

My biggest surprise is Luna because she is the most timid, scardest of the three and runs from almost all human movement so believe me when I tell you she not only did this once but Three (3) times. No treat bribery involved at all. Complete trust and I still can't believe it happened.

These gliders have never left the comfort of their cage on their own before and tonight we got to enjoy it for the first time. It's like watching your child take their first step.

I am just ever so thankful that my patience and my daily routine paid off and I think my rescue's are finally starting to trust me and my husband.

Remember everyone who questions whether or not your glider will ever bond with you that they may not do it right away but with love and patience, constant human contact and routine and some treats here and there that it will happen one day. Just love them with all your heart until they feel comfortable and feel trusting.
Jul 15, 2010

 Milk Dud

I've had Milk Dud for over a year now. She was relinquished to me by her owner who no longer wanted her. I only spoke to the woman on the phone and never met her. She wasn't even there when I drove all the way to Maryland to get Milk Dud.

What I do know is that Milk Dud was 4 years old and had never, ever seen another glider. She had never had tent time, play time or ever bonded with any person. There was no effort ever put into teaching her to trust any human being.

She was fed cat food and had only some chew toys and a nesting box and a very small silent spinner in her cage. She was missing part of her ear but had never seen a Vet.

This glider was and still is one of my challenges here. After I got her, took her to the Vet, changed her diet and went through the 30 day quarantine I introduced her to Luna whom I had literally SAVED from a pet store. (her story is in my journal)

Luna is still no luck with bonding as of yet but I've worked with both her and Milk Dud daily to gain their trust.

As I said before sometimes it just takes baby steps and they have been glider size baby steps. I need to get Milk Dud to trust my hand which literally took months. I could not put my hand in her pouch at all. I would get attacked and she stood her ground.

Over these past 18 months I have used a soft tone in talking to her everyday in her cage, tent and bathroom time in small time limits, and treats to gain her trust. Taking her and Luna and Jack in the pouch out of the cage and rubbing the outside of it and then putting my hand in the pouch to get a soft pet and touch and using treats fed in the pouch.

My ultimate goal was that I wanted her to come to me and have worked daily on trying to accomplish this task. This to me is the true voice of trust.

She would never come to the front of the cage to take a treat and sometimes I just had to leave it somewhere for her. Then she would take it from my fingers in the cage once I showed her I no longer was just going to leave it for her. Finally I could get her to come to the front of the cage door looking for a treat. When she would be awake at night she finally got to the point where she would come to the front of the cage just if I walked by looking for her treat but she would never venture out the cage door.

Over the last few months I've not allowed her to have a treat unless she would, on her own using the treat as bait climb on my hand to get it. She began doing this just at the cage door. Then I would use the treat to get her to climb up my arm almost to my shoulder in front of the cage door before I gave her the treat. She would take it and immediately turn around and head back for the cage but I was so proud of the fact that she would even venture out.

Finally tonight for the very first time she climbed out the door, onto my arm and sat on my arm in the kitchen, no where near her cage and ate her treat being ever so cautious and curious about her surroundings. She did not run but she was quite nervous. After she was done I calmly walked her back to her cage and let her calmly get back in. Then I did it again and after she was done with her treat this time she climbed on my shoulder and just sat there looking around.

I am so very proud of my little Milk Dud and can hardly believe how far we've come. I know 18 months seems like an awful long time to gain so little trust when some have gliders that will sleep in there hands but to me and Milk Dud this is a miracle of baby steps and patience and I am so very proud of my sweet little girl.

Forced trust at play time is wonderful in a tent or bathroom but to actually have my sweet girl come to me is something I can hardly describe after so many months of working with her to show her I mean her no harm.
Jan 1, 2010

 Babysitting Gliders

Well today began the six month med cruise for Trina and David. Trina was sad last night as she brought Anon and Fivel over to drop them off. I could see it in her eyes and who could blame her. I'd be sad too if I was leaving my babies with someone I barely knew and for as long as six months. I felt so sad for her. David didn't come inside. I know he was tired and I don't know maybe it was just to hard for him. Can't say as I blame him. They are both very nice people and have two wonderful gliders that are very well adjusted and friendly. She has them on a great diet which consists of HPW and the veggie and fruit relish 2:1 ratio. She made alot of food for them and left me with the stuff to make the HPW.

It's really great that we both use the same Vet so that will be a relief if I have to take them to the Vet if they should get sick. She left me with a good amount of money as well so that I could pay a Vet bill or get them anything they may need. They shouldn't need much. I did fix up their cage with a few things as I was telling her that since I had two other cages of gliders and children that I was sure I would not get to play with them as much as they did but that I would make sure they had plenty of stimulating toys and as much play time as I could spare.

She was very kind and told me that she knew she was leaving them in very good hands and that made her feel better. I hope so because I will do my absolute best to make sure they are well cared for and will be waiting for them when they get back from their cruise. I'm sure it made them feel good to know that they didn't have to give them up and loose them by finding someone (me) in the area to watch them. She is going to e-mail me her's and David's ship e-mail address so I can keep in touch with them about their babies and I promised to send them pictures.

As soon as I get to take down the Christmas tree I'm going to set back up my tent so I can do tent time with them. It's been about a month since I've been able to do tent time with my own so I'm excited about getting it set back up.

I'm hoping my hubby will let me go overboard and buy a Genji tent and I'm also hoping to purchase two exel cages as well. We are hoping he makes bonus this last quarter and if he does we might have enough for all three but I have to ask his permission to spend all his money on the gliders. You're talking about 800.00 dollars in stuff and it's his money so let's hope he'll let me use it. If not for the cages I'm sure I can get a Genji tent out of him and maybe a cage at least. I need to replace the one my colony of three is in.

Anyway back to Trina, David and the gliders. I hugged her before she left and thanked her and David both for serving our country and we'd see them when they got back. Pray for me and these wonderful babies that I can do right by them and by Trina and David and get them their gliders back healthy. Needless to say I'm a little scared but happy to care for them so they don't have to re-home them. I can tell they love them very much and they are great glider parents.
Sep 30, 2009

 I Just Can't Get Enough Of Them

They are so wonderful and everyday I feel like I just can't get enough of them or love them enough.

Yesterday I went to the pet store and bought crickets and super worms for my babies. I swear they are more spoiled then my children (maybe..HaHa). I have these really cool plastic boxes with lids and a little plastic door on top that I use to feed them crickets in.

I dump the crickets in the container for the day once I buy them and then at night I put a box in each cage after I remove the little door. Last night all five of my little sweeties enjoyed a night of munching on crickets. It was so cute watching them sneak up to the box like they were hunting. Some of them got into the box with the crickets and some of them would hold onto the top of the box with their little feet and hang into the box and snatch up a cricket and run off to a different place to eat it and then come back for another. They really enjoy the occasional times that I buy crickets for them. I don't do it but maybe once a month as they are doing so well on the Leadbeaters and chicken and egg that I give them but as a treat and a hunting experience I try to give them crickets every now and then.

Cosmo and Lucas are so bonded to me they never stay on anyone else for to long. When I take them out to play they will allow me to put them on someone else like my hubby or children but after a few seconds they will spot me and then take off and glide right back to me.

Last night I took Lucas out and he got on my shoulder and I just walked around the house doing things with him just sitting there on my shoulder and looking around. He'll even sit there while I play on the computer. Cosmo just wants to get busy playing on me and around the house. I have to be careful when I take him out because he'll spot something interesting and then take off.

I'm still working on the bonding with the other colony which consists of Jack, Luna and Milk Dud. Last night for the first time Jack got on my arm when I stuck it in the cage. Luna just started doing it a few weeks ago and Milk Dud has been doing it for a while. These are older gliders and I'm finding that the bonding process is taking alot longer but one day I know I'll get there. Playing in the tent is one thing with these guys where they feel forced to interact with me but the trust I'm finally getting from them when they are in their cage to me is much more exciting. I'll continue to work with them everyday and just go from there.

One thing that I enjoy seeing is the Love between Jack and Luna. These two lonesome gliders that I rescued are so in Love that it is so wonderful to see them together. They constantly are clicking to each other. Last night I watched them as Jack entered the wheel while Luna was in it. She immediately grabbed him and began rubbing her head into his chest. After she was done he grabbed her head and began rubbing his head into her chest. I watched as they did this to each other for a few minutes and it warmed my heart that I could bring these two gliders together. I also felt bad for Milk Dud as she continues to be the third wheel in the colony but gets along just fine with them both. Whatever the case may be with this colony at least they are no longer alone and depressed. They have each other whatever their relationship may be.

Sep 10, 2009

 Cage Cleaning

What a job it is to try and clean cages. I split it up into two days this last time and began my task with the first cage on 09/08/09 and the second one on 09/09/09. I have to really psych myself up to even begin this as to do a really major cleaning it takes me about 5 hours per cage.

It begins with deciding where to put the gliders while undertaking the cleaning task. I put Jack, Luna and Milk Dud in the tent while doing their cage and Cosmo and Lucas in the hospital cage while doing theirs.

Then I begin pulling everything out that cannot be hosed off outside. Cutting all ther zip ties holding the wheels in place, holding the fleece around the cage and etc. I split that stuff into three groups; the dishwasher group, the washing machine group and the wash by hand group. I push the cage outside, fill my bucket with vinegar water and begin the cleaning task. Hose the cage down, wash it and then hose it down again. I load the dishwasher and start it and then load the washing machine and start it. Then I begin washing the hand wash items like plastic water battles. I learned from the last major cleaning that they tend to loose their shape in the dishwasher and become ruined if they are not glass so now I wash them by hand as well as the wodent wheels.

Up to this point it's been the easy part. The hard part is putting it all back together again. After drying the cage; hopefully in the sun, (on 09/08/09 I had to wash it in the rain so I had to hand dry it myself), I pull it back inside and begin the task of "where to put what". This time I hung the wheels at the top of the cage hoping it would encourge the cautious and skiddish gliders to play in it more as they really hate the bottom of the cage. Finally once all back together and looking and smelling wonderful back in go the gliders.

The way they act when they get put back in the cage is so very funny. They are either terrified to move and just sit there, (I'm assuming they have no idea they are in their home), or they begin running everywhere looking around and marking all the fresh clean stuff. I love to watch them rub the chests all over everything and just chuckle at their antics. I imagine while they are looking at a particular toy or pouch or climbing rope they are saying something like "doesn't that belong there, and I never knew I had that, or wasn't that over there last night and finally I liked that better when it was over there".

I can't help but laugh everytime I do this and really enjoy watching them explore all their old stuff put in brand new places.

Jack, Luna and Milk Dud's Cage

Cosmo and Lucas's Cage

May 7, 2009

 Update on My Rescue Jack and his Ladies...Milk Dud and Luna

It's 05/07/09, about 2 1/2 months since I rescued my Jack. He was rescued on 02/22/09 and was in such pitiful shape. He was eating bird food, his fur looked awful, he weighed 200 grams and he had over groomed himself completely bald on his head and he was ALONE.

I took him to the Vet, had him neutered, changed his diet to leadbeaters, fresh fruits and veggies; not frozen, (minus the corn) that I cut up everynight for them all, give him fresh cooked protein as well almost everynight too and he is just beautiful now. He gets Vionate Vitamins and Rep-Cal Calcium supplements and has a very good appetite.

I did introductions with my two girls Luna and Milk Dud and they took right to each other. They get along so well and they all seem very happy together.

Jacks hair is growing back, his fur looks much better and he has lost weight. I know he still has a long way to go but he looks so good I can hardly believe he's the same glider that I rescued. I watched him actually run in the wheel tonight. Use to be he could only walk in it because he was so over-weight and never got any exercise before. It was so cool seeing him actually run. He no longer waddles like a duck when he walks and can now jump and glide.

I can hardly wait to see what he looks like in another 2 1/2 months. I'm taking him to the Vet later today to get his nails trimmed. He's the only one I need to do it with for some reason.

I'm ordering quite a few nail trimmer tracks for my wodent wheel's. Each cage has two wheels in it now and I'm hoping that Jack will keep his nails trimmed down in one of them. I just got two more as each cage only had one in it and Luna is a wheel HOG. Maybe now Jack can get some exercise. My Vet gave me three wodent wheels and I've put two of them to good use. I'm debating what to do with the last one. Maybe just save it in case I get another glider and need one in the quarantine cage.

I hope to keep seeing good results with Jack as well as the others as I am still trying to get them bonded to me. If nothing else at least they are bonded to each other and I have plenty of time to work with them to get them to bomd to me. I have alot of patience and can do this at their pace. I try to always remember that baby steps are okay and just move forward everyday that I can.

Seeing Jack now compared to what he looked like just pushes me to try to convince people how important it is to get two gliders. They should never be alone to become depressed, sad, lonely and bored. Over-grooming is just the first step before self-mutilation.

Pictures of Jack and Luna and Milk Dud can be seen in my photo Album. God Bless and good health and happiness to all of our suggie babies.

Feb 23, 2009

 Here We Go Again!

My daughters and I picked up a rescue on February 22, 2009. The young woman and her father met us in Port Royal, Virginia. By the time we got there it was freezing and snowing. What a miserable day to take a road trip.

She had a small bag of stuff and a glider in a smelly pouch for me. Thank god I brought my travel bag. We put his pouch in my travel bag, said our fairwells and headed home. We peeked in the bag to get a look at him and to my dismay the whole top of this poor gliders head was completely bald. I mean no hair on his head whatsoever. I already knew he was overweight but this I was not prepared for. She never mentioned it in her e-mails to me and I asked a whole load of questions. I saved all of them.

I have a Vet appointment set up for him already for this comming Thursday, 02/26/09, and will see how the check-up goes. He's also getting neutered that day as well.

Right now he is in a small cage in my daughters bedroom away from my other gliders. There was nothing I could save from the things that the young woman gave me. The inside of his pouches were completely torn to pieces with loose threads in huge balls of knots. I'm surprised he still has a foot from that mess. All are in the trash. He had not one single toy to play with. I took from my others and gave him some things. They are spoiled anyway so they can share.

He's currently on a bird food diet whatever that is. The young woman gave me a bag but I'm not sure whether to continue to give it to him. I'll talk to the Vet on Thursday. I guess I'll have to give him some until then but I really hate doing it without knowing more about this stuff.

I found out his mate died about 1 and 1/2 years ago. She was found on the bottom of their cage dead and he's been alone ever since. The young woman did not pay him any attention and he's been alone a while.

I'm really scared as to whether I am up for this task. I've dealt with so much from the other two I "rescued". My Luna and Milk Dud but I have him now and will deal this hand I guess I asked to be dealt. I can't hardly stand to see and hear about these poor gliders that are alone and then the people who own them don't have time for them anymore or never did and now they are depreaaed, lonely, sick and terrified of people. What do I do and how do I start to fix this poor poor baby? I guess I know that answer, the VET's and we are headed there.

His name is Jack but my youngest daughter may want to rename him. I told her she had until Wednesday night to let me know because he has a VET appointment and I need to make sure that his name is correct at the Vet's office. I guess it's okay to name your animals if you want to just not sure whether they learn their names or just the sound of your voice and tone when you say their name.

Anyway another glider, another poor baby from a rejected home where people don't learn about the care of their pets and others end up with stressed out and sickly animals and the fear that they will fail. That's where I am right now emotionally. I'm depressed and scared of failing this poor thing.
Feb 19, 2009

 Luna and Milk Dud to the Vet

Today I took Luna and Milk Dud to the Vet. It was a wonderful visit.

Dr. Thomas fell in LOVE with Milk Dud. Said she was such a cute little girl even with the tip of her ear missing. She got her nails clipped and her fecal done and her weight checked. Her teeth were checked and her fur and her overall appearance and then Dr. Thomas even gave her a treat. She weighs 96 grams. She jumped out of her pouch and was exploring the doctors office. I was just amazed at how well she did for the Doctor.

Luna has been our biggest challenge especially in the food department. She went in for her second check. Very good news for all of us. She has gained 16 grams. She went from 80 grams to 96 grams. I guess she's eating now as we stopped feeding her with the syringe and have just been monitoring her plate and bowl to see if she is eating. She must be getting more comfortable with us. The Doctor said her overall health looks much better than last time and she is doing wonderful as well. Her fecal came out good and she is ready for intro's.

I am so very happy everything is working out so well for my two newest little girls. Dr. Thomas seemed very positive that they would be able to be cage mate's and is so happy that Luna will now have a friend.

I am beside myself with joy at how well all my babies are doing and how much I am learning. I spend so much time on the internet and on this forum trying to soak up all the information I can on the care of these babies. I guess I'm doing pretty good. I can only hope.

I love all these little fur-butts.
Feb 6, 2009

 All About Our Four Babies and Their Progress

Wow.....where do I begin. Four suggies and three cages. I can't wait for all the quarantine to be over.

I bought a brand new cage that is 52" tall x 20" deep x 32" wide. It's for Lucas and Cosmo. I got it from and I love it. It's so big for just two babies. I also purchased alot of toys and bridges and rope things. I was amazed at the quality. They were all on clearance for really cheap and I thought it would be just poorly made or junky but they are just wonderful. Better than anything I've seen in the pet stores. I can't wait to start fixing up their new cage to move them in. I still have a few more things to purchase and then I'll be done with it. I'm hoping by next weekend as I have to go out of town this weekend for a family emergency. Once the quarantine is over for Milk Dud and Luna they will get the boys cage all cleaned and fixed up for them with a bunch of new things I have purchased for them as well. It's a little smaller at 22" deep x 31" wide x 35" high but still a nice size. I can't wait for my two cage families.

Cosmo and Lucas are just the best babies. Lucas was such a mean glider when I got him but Cosmo was a sweetie right from the first day. As soon as we got home with him and put him in his cage he jumped on my daughter and it's just gotten better. He helped us train and bond with Lucas and now I can't even open the cage door without the both of them jumping on my arms or climbing out of the cage onto my body. Sometimes I have to peel them off of me. I feel like I'm in the suggie remake of "The Birds".

Luna my "I know I shouldn't have But!" baby. What can I say about her. She is just still very timid and scared and it's taking a really long time with her. I try to stick my arm in her cage every night and just leave it there. Sometimes she'll come to it and smell it but mostly she runs or crabs or bites us. It may take a really long time with her. Maybe once she gets out of quarantine and in with our other baby she'll get better. She has started to eat a little better though. I'm very pleased with her progress there. She still doesn't eat much but I do get a glimpse of her eating from her plate sometimes and she loves her wheel. She runs in that wheel almost all night long. Sometimes she plays with her monkey's I think she knows how to play and has been with other gliders before so I'm hoping the intro's from her end will go over well. This leads us to Milk Dud.

Milk Dud my newest addition to the family. She was given to us by a very nice lady named Jennifer in Maryland who was looking for a nice forever home for her and she picked us. I know she loves Milk Dud and I try and update her about Milk Dud's progress. Milk Dud has just the cutest most curious look on her face when she peeks out at us from her "cave". I really need to get rid of that so I can get her to the Vet. It is going to be my job next week to work on that. It will be two weeks we've had her on Sunday. I think it's time to take away the "cave". She doesn't eat cat food anymore. I gave the bag away to my girlfriend who has a cat and Milk Dud's staple is a glider staple now but she eats her real food very well and hasn't touched a staple in at least a week. She's enjoying every food I give her. I need to get her out of quarantine and start intro's with Luna but can't do anything yet. No Vet visit as of yet and she really needs her nails clipped, but she is doing well. She crabs and bites and runs from us but I also can't bond with her because of the "cave". Don't get me wrong I think the "cave" is really cute and would love to keep it but I have to take it out temporarily. Maybe in a few months I'll reintroduce it into her cage with Luna (hoping intro's will be done and they are cage mates). She really doesn't play much and just kind of just hangs on the walls of the cage. Maybe it's because she's still getting adjusted to our house and her new family of people making all that I don't even think she's ever seen another glider. I think she was a lone glider since birth, (other than of course maybe mom and dad), and I think jennifer had her for about 2.5 years. I think she got her from a pet store. If she's been alone for so long I hope she can still bond with another of her kind. All in all she is doing well though and I don't think she is unhappy as I hear her bark sometimes and she's not over grooming and she's eating very well. I think she just needs a friend and she'll have one soon I hope.

Anyway this is my sugar glider family and all about them. My friends think that I'm absolutely nuts and going through a mid life crisis with so many, as they call them "flying rats". I Love each and everyone one of them and thanks to Cosmo and Lucas I have the patience to wait on the bond that will take place with Luna and Milk Dud.


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