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I Just Can't Get Enough Of Them

Sep 30, 2009

 I Just Can't Get Enough Of Them

They are so wonderful and everyday I feel like I just can't get enough of them or love them enough.

Yesterday I went to the pet store and bought crickets and super worms for my babies. I swear they are more spoiled then my children (maybe..HaHa). I have these really cool plastic boxes with lids and a little plastic door on top that I use to feed them crickets in.

I dump the crickets in the container for the day once I buy them and then at night I put a box in each cage after I remove the little door. Last night all five of my little sweeties enjoyed a night of munching on crickets. It was so cute watching them sneak up to the box like they were hunting. Some of them got into the box with the crickets and some of them would hold onto the top of the box with their little feet and hang into the box and snatch up a cricket and run off to a different place to eat it and then come back for another. They really enjoy the occasional times that I buy crickets for them. I don't do it but maybe once a month as they are doing so well on the Leadbeaters and chicken and egg that I give them but as a treat and a hunting experience I try to give them crickets every now and then.

Cosmo and Lucas are so bonded to me they never stay on anyone else for to long. When I take them out to play they will allow me to put them on someone else like my hubby or children but after a few seconds they will spot me and then take off and glide right back to me.

Last night I took Lucas out and he got on my shoulder and I just walked around the house doing things with him just sitting there on my shoulder and looking around. He'll even sit there while I play on the computer. Cosmo just wants to get busy playing on me and around the house. I have to be careful when I take him out because he'll spot something interesting and then take off.

I'm still working on the bonding with the other colony which consists of Jack, Luna and Milk Dud. Last night for the first time Jack got on my arm when I stuck it in the cage. Luna just started doing it a few weeks ago and Milk Dud has been doing it for a while. These are older gliders and I'm finding that the bonding process is taking alot longer but one day I know I'll get there. Playing in the tent is one thing with these guys where they feel forced to interact with me but the trust I'm finally getting from them when they are in their cage to me is much more exciting. I'll continue to work with them everyday and just go from there.

One thing that I enjoy seeing is the Love between Jack and Luna. These two lonesome gliders that I rescued are so in Love that it is so wonderful to see them together. They constantly are clicking to each other. Last night I watched them as Jack entered the wheel while Luna was in it. She immediately grabbed him and began rubbing her head into his chest. After she was done he grabbed her head and began rubbing his head into her chest. I watched as they did this to each other for a few minutes and it warmed my heart that I could bring these two gliders together. I also felt bad for Milk Dud as she continues to be the third wheel in the colony but gets along just fine with them both. Whatever the case may be with this colony at least they are no longer alone and depressed. They have each other whatever their relationship may be.


Oct 03 2009 : 10:05:17 AM
Someone is an addict!!!!!

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