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She's a He!!!!!

Nov 4, 2007

 She's a He!!!!!

OK so for a veteran suggie lover I should be embarassed about this...

GummyBoo is a boy. Yes, when we rescued (him) her former owner told us GummyBoo was a 2-yr-old female. And what with the absence of a PomPom, we figured she was. And since we are slow to do a lot of prodding with a new rescue, we took what was told as gospel.

But earlier this week I was rubbing GummyBoo's tummy and the "pouch slit" on her looked a little low and more like a neuter scar. Upon further inspection, and after gently pulling apart the fur in the "pouch area" and upon finding no pouch, we laughingly have re-sexed her as a him.

Regardless of sex, this little creature is doing fine. He's not much of a jumper and still does not respond to normal "play" activities such as chasing and teasing, but he is friendly and curious.

Stay tuned. I don't think his sex will change again :-)


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