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May 31, 2009






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Nov 8, 2007

 Health Stuff

We took a stool sample in for GummyBoo today and we have our fingers crossed he checks out OK. Just routine for new rescues.

Butch and Doodle go in tomorrow for their neuters. We drop them off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. Wish them good luck!

Nov 4, 2007

 She's a He!!!!!

OK so for a veteran suggie lover I should be embarassed about this...

GummyBoo is a boy. Yes, when we rescued (him) her former owner told us GummyBoo was a 2-yr-old female. And what with the absence of a PomPom, we figured she was. And since we are slow to do a lot of prodding with a new rescue, we took what was told as gospel.

But earlier this week I was rubbing GummyBoo's tummy and the "pouch slit" on her looked a little low and more like a neuter scar. Upon further inspection, and after gently pulling apart the fur in the "pouch area" and upon finding no pouch, we laughingly have re-sexed her as a him.

Regardless of sex, this little creature is doing fine. He's not much of a jumper and still does not respond to normal "play" activities such as chasing and teasing, but he is friendly and curious.

Stay tuned. I don't think his sex will change again :-)
Oct 31, 2007

 Update on rescue "GummyBoo"

5 nights so far and the rescue GummyBoo (2+yr.-old female) is coming along just fine. She is eating well and enjoying time out of the cage. She doesn't quite know how to "play" yet but we are teaching her with cat teasers, feathers and such. (her interim owner seems to have done a good job of taking care of her by the way).

GummyBoo does know how to jump and glide. After she runs around for an hour or so, she comes back to check up on us and climb on us. She lets you hold her, but has a tendency to push her head hard against your hand to get loose - only to come back for more.

GummyBoo is a big barker. When you put her back in her cage and leave the room - you hear about it. Instead of a single bark she has kind of a triple rev-down "barkey-bark-bark" kind of retort. Really cute. After her quarentine, we are hoping to pair her with another female or neutered male because she is alone in her own cage.

Stay tuned.

Oct 27, 2007

 CA border run rescue redux

GummyBoo is her name. She's about two years old. Very pretty, about 155 grams and very trusting.

We were suprised that this little girl did not crab, fuss or bite when we picked her up because rescues are often frightened.

When we got home, we introduced her to her new cage and put her old pouches in there along with the new stuff.

She hid behind the side-mounted stealth wheel for a while and came out to be petted and to eat a little. I let her run around the B's room a little after caging them and she didn't climb up on anything but stuck close to the floor. She did climb up my leg and into her pouch after a few mintues and I took her back to her cage. She barked for a while and then sneggled inside one of the pouches.

She took a few licks so far tonight from the HPW mix and ran off to one end of the cage with a corn cob slice in her mouth So far so good. No crabbing. no biting. Allowing some in-pouch petting.
Oct 26, 2007

 California Border Run for Rescue Tonight

Gail and I are making a run for the CA border from Vegas tonight. We got a call about a 3-yr old female who needs a new home. Not sure why but if you ask too many questions it's easy to scare off a possible rescue and that doesn't help the animal.

So anyway, we are meeting up with this individual down in Primm which is on the border of CA and NV. Since suggies are not legal in CA, a lot of glider owners come to NV for veterinary care. And these same people are naturally scared to go to a regular rescue. So we intend on making more runs for the border from time to time.

If anyone knows of a CA resident who does not know where to turn, send them to us:

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