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Update on rescue "GummyBoo"

Oct 31, 2007

 Update on rescue "GummyBoo"

5 nights so far and the rescue GummyBoo (2+yr.-old female) is coming along just fine. She is eating well and enjoying time out of the cage. She doesn't quite know how to "play" yet but we are teaching her with cat teasers, feathers and such. (her interim owner seems to have done a good job of taking care of her by the way).

GummyBoo does know how to jump and glide. After she runs around for an hour or so, she comes back to check up on us and climb on us. She lets you hold her, but has a tendency to push her head hard against your hand to get loose - only to come back for more.

GummyBoo is a big barker. When you put her back in her cage and leave the room - you hear about it. Instead of a single bark she has kind of a triple rev-down "barkey-bark-bark" kind of retort. Really cute. After her quarentine, we are hoping to pair her with another female or neutered male because she is alone in her own cage.

Stay tuned.


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