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Almost a Bra Baby

Mar 26, 2012

 Almost a Bra Baby

During last night's tent time, Batman got under my shirt but over my tank top. I don't know if he'll ever be a bra baby, though because for whatever reason, he likes to hang out near my arm pit or waist! But at least he's not sitting on my back anymore. I sometimes think he did that because I couldn't get to him there and he was still a bit distrustful of humans then. He's getting better. But, judging from his past, who could blame him?

Catwoman is still Catwoman--our pet bullet! We took the fleece off the the floor of the tent and no one seems to care. The crinkle noise apparently does not bother either of them. And you should have seen her! She was hopping over the little "speed bumps" on the bottom of the tent like she was a horse hopping over fences!!

We at least remembered to take their meal worms into the tent with us so we were able to bribe her back into her pouch. You could tell she was getting tired toward the end of tent time but she was still not wanting to quit. (Just like a kid, I SWEAR!)

Regarding said meal worms...she kept going to the container try to open it up! LOL! Funny little creature! She wants what she wants, huh? But we wouldn't let her have it til the end. Otherwise, how else would we bribe her back into the pouch? :)


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